Wednesday, March 30, 2011

North News, Mortgage Fraud, And Free Speech...

They can exercise free speech anytime they want, who will stop them?

Post and photo by Nomi Passenger

Yesterday and today, the April edition of North News hit every door step in north Minneapolis. There are few print newspapers that I look forward to reading, but North News is probably at the top of my list; mostly because the majority of the content isn't available anywhere else except in their monthly printed edition. This seems to be a good strategy for them. They have found a way to stay competitive with the internet. Put out a good publication with good content and photos, make it highly relevant to your audience's daily life, have the bulk of it available only in printed form, and deliver it to every house in your target area. But put some teasers out on your website.

This month, North News editors have boldly exercised their freedom of speech on the hot freedom of speech issues that are flaming up in our community and in dialogues across the country. From Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps to mortgage fraudsters and Johnny Northside. Courtney Love Twitter rants about clothes designers and criticizing political candidates have recently been topics of the free speech discussions and testing the laws.

I still remark in amazement at how the inconsistent verdict that was meant to punish the Johnny Northside blog is resulting in much more publicity, attention and discussion about free speech, truth, mortgage fraud, and the constitution. Think about it: how many more community members are wondering out loud or to themselves "Well, what DID Jerry Moore get paid $5,000 for inside the 1564 fraudulent deal?" Or perhaps, "Is that the only fraudulent deal that Jerry Moore got a piece of the proceeds?" Or perhaps, "How much mortgage fraud took place in our northside neighborhoods causing a spiral of foreclosures that sucked in innocent homeowners and contributed to the demise of the entire country's economic stability?"

The verdict may have been a blessing in disguise. That's my opinion.

You can find the interesting North News editorial on your door step or here, if you don't live in Nomi.

(Do Not Click "Read More" but Do Read North News)


NoMi Passenger said...

Johnny Northside also exercised his freedom of speech about potholes recently:

Kare11 Potholes Story

Anonymous said...

Politics is full of "uncomfortable" truths that get swept under the rug.