Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mortgage Fraudster Marlon Pratt...Looking Not So Slick And Confident In Prison

Mug shot therefore in the public domain,
Blog post by John Hoff

I actually met Marlon Pratt, once. He was hanging around the Larry Maxwell trial which involved the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N. At the time, he came off as a real slick character. He still retained some vestige of an aura of confidence, but it was wearing thin and showing holes. I imagine that outside of a courtroom where he watched Larry Maxwell getting chewed up by Hennepin County Prosecutor Brad Johnson, Marlon Pratt probably exuded the kind of personality which allowed him to pull off fraudulent deals with Universal Mortgage.

But as Pratt watched attorney Larry Reed struggling to defend Larry Maxwell, Pratt didn't seem very confident. The look on his face seemed to say...

..."This is going very badly for Larry Maxwell. And, oh my god, I'm next."

Well, here's where the scammers end up. Here's a mugshot to show what Marlon Pratt looks like in prison. He's currently incarcerated in Fairibault, Minnesota and won't be getting out until 2016.

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