Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BREAKING NEWS: Probation Revoked For Mortgage Fraudster Ed Boler...

Creative stock photo, (this stuff was apparently left behind by Soviets in Afghanistan) blog post by John Hoff

Unlike the mainstream media, this blog makes no pretense of omniscience. If important news happened half a year ago, and we just completely missed it, we'll say so...and then go ahead and report it.

Edward "Ed" Leon Boler, who was convicted along with Susan Newell in a mortgage fraud scheme had his probation revoked in December of last year, by the Honorable Judge Lloyd B. Zimmerman. Boler had a long sentence hanging over his head, but based on what I'm seeing on MNCIS, it appears Boler is only serving 365 days in the workhouse, "No furloughs or work release per judge," and started his sentence on January 2 of this year.

Well, I'm sure glad I found out before he COMPLETED his sentence.

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