Friday, June 22, 2012

"Tornado Magnet Liquor" Sets Up Shop In North Minneapolis, Dares Storm Systems To "Come And Get This Trailer House, Damn You"

Contributed photos by farmpeddler1, blog post by John Hoff

One day, residents of North Minneapolis will laugh about Broadway Liquor Outlet setting up shop in what appears to be some kind of doublewide trailer or temporary FEMA housing. We will need photos to look back upon and remind us.

These might be those photos.

Seriously, Dean Rose of Broadway Liquor Outlet, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Everybody knows trailer houses are tornado magnets.

Or do you think it's kind of like "lightning won't hit the same place twice"?

Also, readers, note the name of the establishment. It's just "Broadway Liquors," as though "Broadway Liquor Outlet" (BLO) is equivalent to taunting a tornado to come down from the sky and "blow" away the store.


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