Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Photos Of The Minneapolis Public Housing "Bed Bug Trailer"

Contributed photos by farmpeddler1, blog post by John Hoff

I'd heard a few times how there is such a "bed bug" problem in Minneapolis public housing they have their own special "bed bug" vehicle. Well, it turns out the "vehicle" is actually a big trailer.

Shown, above, are a couple of photos sent by a reader.

Honestly, I had no idea there was so much "buggery" in our city's public housing.


chouette harfang said...

I believe bed bugs, body lice, etc. are a problem in a lot of U.S. cities now (New York City being the most notable) due to increased intercontinental travel and global warming. And the infestation can affect anyone, regardless of position on the socio-economic ladder. I say this because I know of a couple of private home owners Outstate MN who were hit with a combination (!) of bed bugs and two types of lice this winter. The only conclusion they could come up with was the pestilence traveled onto a suitcase from a fall business trip to NYC. Getting rid of the beasts required basically throwing away every sheet, towel, many items of clothing; several extermination bombings of the house and prescription medication over a period of 4 months. And this was a home that was spic & span to start. So unless you have literally $1000's of dollars to invest in that kind of vermin war, and the time to constantly wash new bedding and clean the house for hours each day to stay a step ahead of the new pest generation, the bugs/lice are nearly impossible to eradicate. I'd guess the City just doesn't have the resources and most people don't have the mental stamina to deal with it. So it's no surprise the City Housing is full of bugs.

Anonymous said...

Not funny.

Can catch in clothing stores, movie theater! Scary!

Hollister in SOHO! NOT LOW INCOME!!!


Johnny Northside! said...

Troll comment rejected. If you want to shit talk, you need to say something substantive that might accidentally add to the discussion. Your latest submission couldn't even meet that pathetically low criteria for posting.

Johnny Northside! said...

Spam comment rejected for professional bed bug control in PHOENIX, ARIZONA.

If the spam had referenced Minneapolis, I would have published it. KEEP TRYING, SPAMMERS! I reject about 45 spam comments daily but I just know some of you might accidentally have something relevant to add.