Sunday, June 10, 2012

OMG, Quite Possibly The World's Worst Fallen Thug "Tribute" Video Was Made For Murder Victim Keontrell Govan...

Youtube embed source is JazzieyDro, the blog post by John Hoff

In the course of researching a story referencing murder victim Keontrell Govan, I turned up what may be the world's worst "tribute to a fallen thug" video ever posted on YouTube. Watching it, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. My tendency is usually to laugh, albeit a dark and breathless laughter.

The video is not very long. Watch it and you'll know what I mean.

Keep in mind, this video is NOT intended as a parody of "tribute" videos but was done in a straight-faced manner to "honor" Keontrell Govan.


NoMi Passenger said...

I don't see or hear anything particularly pathetic about it like your headline might indicate. This girl is obviously an amateur video "producer" but then again she isn't really trying to do anyting except just talk about her loss, her grief, best she can. Yeah there's background distractions etc but... she's just working with what she has. She wanted to record something and she likely has little resources or help.

And this is probably where I gently remind you that you can be rather cold when it comes to the unfortunate homicide victims of north Minneapolis. Even if they are thugs who drew their own destiny and wreaked havoc on our community, once they are dead can't we just let them be?

Johnny Northside! said...

See the next posting about tribute videos, where her Part Two video is very raw, very real, and incredibly insightful...where the distractions appear to ADD to the ultimate end product.

As for how I express myself about these matters, I think it's necessary to pierce this veneer of victimhood (these folks made THEMSELVES victims by deliberate lifestyle choices) and, furthermore, to pierce this veneer of "tributes" which, I assert, are actually ROMANTICIZING the "thug lifestyle."

But you GENTLY reminding me is what I would call a form of progress in our relationship, so thank you for THAT.

Anonymous said...

Is she fucking retarded and shit?... Not you NoMi Passenger.

Johnny Northside! said...

You know, though I introduced the video here with a critical tone, I will say this.

Go to the next post about tribute videos. It's one, two posts ahead of this one. Watch her SECOND video. Commit eleven minutes and some seconds of your life to watching that video.

She's letting it all hang out. And it's incredibly raw and real. That's why she didn't edit the first video. She is NOT self editing and you'll be amazed at what she expresses in the second video, which will give you a different idea about the FIRST video.

Indeed, if BOTH videos were simply put TOGETHER, it would be a much better end product.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, and in regard to "deliberate lifestyle choices," I will say that SOME of those choices are not made by the individuals, MANY are made by the parents and the PARENTS are blameworthy.

Anonymous said...

About parents making the bad lifestyle choices: During the Trayvon Martin coverage a young mother was interviewed who was frustrated that her son was perceived as a thug, and how he was almost trapped into that life because of all the assumptions and stereotypes.

Oh and by the way, guess what she named him....TUPAC.

Anonymous said...

Your so fckn stupid. You have no life & you don't know shit bout the northside . We miss all our fallen angels. None are to be forgotten. LILONG LIVE KEONTRELL GOVAN, ASHIYA DAVENPORT, ANTHONY TITUS, & THE REST.

Johnny Northside! said...

Ashiya Davenport was a name I didn't know. I looked into it.

She got sick and died in 2010.

Thank you for providing this name so I could figure out who this person was, mentioned in the video as "Shiya."

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is something Bianca Gomez posted on the Facebook profile of Shaunta Boutthat Gomez.

Shaunta Bouthat Gomez
Sunday via mobile
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Bianca Rip Rayjon Gomez fuck Johnny northside he has no life job wife nothing just sit around and talk about ppl did you know he smoked crack
Sunday at 10:45pm via mobile

Bianca Rip Rayjon Gomez I commented on the things he said but I was unknown he didn't know who I was and he talk alot of shyt lol smh
Sunday at 10:47pm via mobile

Anonymous said...

Rip Shiyaaa We Miss Youu & Lovee Youu , Long Livee Shiyaa & Keontrell , (: Y'all Don't Know How Much We Miss Them Its Sad To See People We Love DEAD ! Long livee Shiyyaaa ! WE LOVEE YOU HUNN (: