Monday, June 11, 2012

(REVISED POST) DeCari Antonio Starr Revered On The Streets, His Murder Still Unsolved...

FB photo from the profile of Ant BoopEnd LowEnd, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

In the course of researching numerous FB profiles while digging into the story of Kyle Hickman and Jaylin Dubose, I found myself looking deeply into the online "social media" record of a gritty urban lifestyle. It was a fascinating mental journey.

One question I found myself asking, over and over.


One thing is for sure, I thought to myself...

People miss and love this "Pudda."

I saw young people posing in shirts with his likeness. There were constant references to "RIP Pudda." He was mentioned in the same breath with others who were missed, urban tragedies I already knew about.

Pudda Mystery Solved?

When trying to figure out mysteries of this kind, if you look hard enough and get lucky, sooner or later you find a "Rosetta Stone" document which seemingly gives you the key to unlock the mystery. This photo, above, was my "Rosetta Stone."

The picture is found on the FB profile of Ant BoopEnt LowEnd. From the picture itself, and comments made on the picture, it becomes apparent this is the grave of Pudda, who was born DeCari Antonio Starr.

(Addendum, June 16, here are the comments which lead me to conclude Starr equals Pudda)

My personal favorite comment is "your killer dieing this year."

How, I thought to myself, did I miss writing about this murder? Was I out of town driving a truck or something in May of 2010? What was this blog DOING on May 4, 2010, the night Starr was murdered? I looked in my archives. I found an article about Get To NoMi t-shirts being available. My fellow blogger NoMi Passenger informed me, "You were up at Camp Ripley for two weeks, doing your annual training."

So that's what I was.

Extremely timely news coverage is a good thing, when I can pull it off. Sometimes I can even beat the Star Tribune to the punch and revel in that, momentarily.

But the fact as story has some cobwebs on it won't keep me from digging into it, not if I can put out information nobody else has.

Dropped Off By Unknown Parties, Dead

According to the Star Tribune, Starr was shot in front of 1525 Newton Ave. N. Odd to see the Star Tribune use a specific address instead of a block number. Whatever. Looking into that address, I see it's owned by A Vision, LLC. This company lists an address of 4555 131 1/2 St, Savage, Minnesota. It's manager is Bruce Barron of that same address. It's principal executive office is located at 1510 Emerson Ave. N., Unit 2.

Starr was shot at the house owned by A Vision LLC, but according to City Pages, when police arrived at the scene there was no victim. Starr was dropped off by unknown parties at North Memorial Medical Center where he died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

According to the Starr Tribune article previously linked, but click here to see it again, there was another shooting the same night. A second shooting happened at 10:50 PM, in the 2600 block of Emerson Ave. N. The victim had leg and facial injuries but, it appears, did not die.

Murder Still A Mystery, Many Online Tributes, But What A Mess They Are

I see no evidence this crime was solved or anybody was even arrested for it. I did dig up the online court record of DeCari Starr. It's still on MNCIS, even though he's dead. There is a notation below his DOB which states his "DOD" is May 4, 2010.

Starr had a juvenile record where he was adjudicated delinquent for receiving stolen property. (62-JV-091013. Case also references "companion case" 62-JV-09-2571) This adjudication happened on 4/29/2009. Starr got probation. Early in 2010, he picked up a couple minor traffic charges. He was only convicted of not wearing a seatbelt. At the time he was convicted, and no doubt warned to be safe and wear his seatbelt, he had only a couple weeks to live. Beyond a doubt, Starr was not wearing a seatbelt during his final ride to the hospital, a bullet wound in his chest.

Starr would have been on probation until October 3, 2010, but of course he died before then, while still on probation. His file was closed 4/14/2010, ten days after his death. One MySpace page appears to have been set up as a tribute and says "R.I.P. BABYDAD DECARI ANTONIO STARR" and shows a single photo of an individual holding a child.

Keep in mind there is a stunning lack of clear online communication among this young, urban group. So just because the tribute page says "R.I.P." to so-and-so in the title, and only displays one picture, that does NOT necessarily mean that's the same person being referenced.

(Addendum: The texts of more than a few anonymous commenters dispute who is in the photos. I say, "If you put "RIP So and So at the top of the online page, but it's not even a tribute page and those aren't even photos of the dude, how sad is THAT? You can't even pull off a clear tribute?)

The rest of the "RIP BABYDAD DECARI ANTONIO STARR" MySpace profile can't be accessed except by MySpace friends. Here is a link. 

Another MySpace tribute page contains 15 photos, though some are just cropped versions of a previous photo in the series. Comparing one photo to another, it seems clear (if you follow rules of clear communication) all the photos picture Starr (Pudda, or Pudda Locc) at various stages of his life.

But this young, urban group DOES NOT follow clear rules of communication.

(ADDENDUM, June 11, 2012, at least one commenter posting twice disputes whether all the pictures on the "Pudda" tribute page are, in fact, Decari Antonio Starr. Some of the pictures are labeled "DRO BITCH." It is unknown if this is some kind of EXPRESSION or if "DRO" is somebody's name, somebody whose pictures are posted in the tribute. The communication patterns of this social group defy deciphering)

(ADDENDUM, June 28, 2012. In response to numerous comments...none terribly helpful or specific, just pissed off and illiterate...I have removed photos that came from what seemed to be a DeCari Antonio Starr tribute page, linked earlier. As long as the link still works, readers can go to the page and judge for themselves.

(The photos certainly looked like they could be Starr and the page had all the earmarks of an attempted "tribute" page with photos of the departed.  However, it appears that EVEN THOUGH the page is titled like a tribute, EVEN THOUGH the page contains a picture of Starr's grave marker and enough evidence convinces me Starr is indeed "Pudda," some or even all the photos on that page were not Starr with the exception of the grave marker)

(Even though I carefully used caveats like "appear to be," I have decided to remove the photos to keep the focus on Starr and his unsolved murder)

Here is a better view of the same grave marker depicted earlier.

Police Still Seeking Information

The murder of DeCari Antonio Starr is still unsolved.

Anybody knowing anything should call the Minneapolis Police Department tip line, but of course you're also free to comment on this blog post.


Anonymous said...

Those are not pictures of pudda

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, I see. The small selection of pictures from the Pudda tribute page, including one that has Pudda written on it, those are not Pudda, you say.

Then who are they?

Anonymous said...

Lol dhats not Pudda bhut u kno so much u shld kno dhat! Smh

Anonymous said...

Do better research and find out for yourself . I said he's not pudda that is all you need to know

Johnny Northside! said...

If the individual is NOT Pudda, is he "DRO BITCH."

And what kind of name is THAT, anyway?

Johnny Northside! said...

Also, me asking you WTF is me trying to research the issue. For all I know, you're just yanking my chain and that is "Pudda." I strongly suspect that is the case.

Johnny Northside! said...

In recognition of the dispute over who is pictured, and the fact, known to me, that onliine communication by these young, urban individuals is maddeningly garbled and unclear, I momentarily took down this posted and added more sentences making clear it is DISPUTED who is pictured in some of the pictures which (duh!) are posted on the TRIBUTE page.

If those photos are not Pudda then I say learn how to do a tribute page more effectively. Why would you label a page "RIP Pudda," post slightly more than half a dozen pictures, but have a lot of those photos NOT be Pudda? Do you not actually CARE about doing an effective tribute?

Anonymous said...

It is not a tribute page dumb ass ! The page belongs to someone That didn't want their real name on Facebook so the put R.I.P Pudda instead . DUH

Anonymous said...

& how can he be pudda if he's wearing a r.I.p pudda shirt you silly man !

Anonymous said...


Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 6:48.

Nobody is saying the guy in the first photo is Pudda, rather that the grave pictured is that of Pudda.

To the commenter at 9:12, who are you referring to? The guy next to the grave? The guy in the grave? Or some of the other pictures here?

If you want to tell me who is who, I am listening. I believe the post is factual as it is at this point. I've made it clear where the pictures came from, that there are disputes about who is who.

In regard to why somebody would put "RIP Pudda" on the top of a page and that would NOT be considered a tribute page...WTF?! Even if it's not a tribute page, it appears clear that DeCari Antonio Starr is Pudda. If he is not, you tell me who is.

Johnny Northside! said...

The following, from the tribute page for his official obituary:

R.I.P; pudda we miss you cuz we gone hold you down

Posted by: robG - cousin Aug 27, 2010


Johnny Northside! said...

And this one, from same page.

bro i remember wen we was at da crib and 5-0 came looking for 2 niggas wit spiderman mask around they face lol i miss yo ass loc u nvr forgotten r.i.p pudda

Posted by: spank - minneapolis, MN - one of da homies Oct 18, 2010

Johnny Northside! said...

And this one. Same source.

danq i remember when uu june kourtney and poppa came to the
house and uu kept fiqhtinq my'shawn cause of his daddy and how much
he looked like him and uu made him cry and uu went to dairy queen to make it upto your nephew ,, danq imu soo damn much aint qucci but the BEST has uu now
(ress in peacee deacri starrr]


Posted by: malaika renee - mpls, MN - sister Oct 04, 2010

Johnny Northside! said...

So DeCari Antonio Starr equals Pudda.

Anonymous said...

I'm mad ass hell Yu think Yu the fkkn police Yu not even aloud to put pictures on the internet without permission from that person so Johnny northside getting sued asap

Anonymous said...

Get yo facts right how Yu doing a investigation on the wrong shit

Anonymous said...

Like dude whoever you are ...that not pudda you stupid fuck...find something better else to do but lurk on people Facebook page you

Johnny Northside! said...

In regard to who is who in these pictures, I've made it very clear where the pictures came from (sites that appear to be tributes to DeCari Starr, who is Pudda) and how disputed it is who appears in the pictures.

The fact this "young, urban group" can't even clearly communicate or make it clear who is in pictures that seem to be on "tribute" sites is pretty much part of the story at this point. I care about factual information. I've gone back and added, added, added how information is disputed and, yes, all you can't-write-for-shit commenters have made clear your dispute about who is in the pictures.

The photos are published under First Amendment comment and criticism. Yes, I am "aloud" (sic) to publish them, so go fukk (sic) yourself.

If you want to give me clear, verifiable information about who is pictured, I will be happy to publish it. If you want to continue to comment in your unclear writing style that gives people a headache to decipher it, be my guest, though comments which are threatening or over the top will not be published.

Anonymous said...

Bro you got 3 different people calling them Pudda but C.Q. Is the Lil Nigga with braids and he's lock up

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't see anybody in these photos with BRAIDS could you be more specific?

Johnny Northside! said...

To the troll posting as Zac,

I've made it clear some months back that if I just don't FEEL like posting your comments, I won't.

And I don't.

Now here's a link to the song "Feelings."

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, also...

CQ? Is that the name on his BIRTH CERTIFICATE? How can I confirm much of anything if you won't even tell me somebody's REAL NAME?

Anonymous said...

sorry johnny not PUDDA in these photos..

Johnny Northside! said...

Could you be more SPECIFIC? And identify who is in the photos?

Johnny Northside! said...

I'm reading you anonymous commenters loud and clear. And the fact you dispute who is in those pictures is noted in the article.

But you're not actually disputing that DeCari Antonio Starr is Pudda, now are you?

tanya said...

You need to get a life rather then harass the dead. Loser!!! Why would you continuously post pics you think are of a man who is dead, who you never met a day in your life?? Not cool. I hope someone harasses and stalks your child the SAME WAY YOU DO ALL OUR CHILDREN! You dont get paid for this blog fuckin loser!

Johnny Northside! said...

This blog post was revised a few moments ago, and I have removed a number of pictures and explained the origin of those pictures and my reasons for removing them. The rest of the post will remain.

Anonymous said...

I'm the maternal Aunt of Starr! Where do I find the pictures in reference to the above topic. Starr is no secret as you seem to hide in cyber asking and seeking information about my nephew whom is resting in peace. I sure hope this is not what your are calling your job with tax payers dollars. Get from behind that desk and find who killed my nephew. And stop using my nephews death to seek identity of other people.

Anonymous said...

well im gone tell you like this im his blood family fuck all that bushit you talking about let my cousin R.I.P get this bullshit off here by tomorrow ecause tonight his dad will se this ASAP and we will take civil action

Johnny Northside! said...

Everything published here is either true or a matter of opinion. Unsolved murders are a matter of public concern. In short, you don't have any basis of civil action against me and do you think you're the first to threaten or even FOLLOW THROUGH with such a thing? HA!

The only difference being you're a much worse speller.

Folwell Neighbor said...

Anonymous 11:26PM:
In all seriousness, thank you for saying civil action. As I was reading your post, I thought for sure it was going to be a threat of violence.
It's very nice to see people trying to sort out right and wrong using the legal system.
No matter what the outcome, in the end all parties go home at the end! That's a good start, I hope more people choose that action instead of violence.

Can you imagine the day where people get pissed off at someone/something, but instead of getting violent they go to the library to study law books to figure out how to win their case?
We need more of that.

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Odd that there were TWO shootings at least tangentially related to A Vision LLC so close to each other. The 2600 block of Emerson Ave N is home to another A Vision house. That property has seen its share of problem tenants and loiterers associated with the convenience store down the street. The MPD has placed a mobile camera on the block, which has cut down bad behavior drastically.

The A Vision house on 2600 Emerson is currently vacant and for rent.

Anonymous said...

Stop talkin bout my brother nun of u kno shit so stfu find the murder thats all I wanna here where da fucc is the justice

Johnny Northside! said...

I would be happy to try to find the murderer. Who do YOU think did it?

Anonymous said...

You don't know shit you talking about pidd leave my blood cousin out your mouth if you don't know anything you talking about period !