Friday, June 8, 2012

Kyle Edward Hickman Charged In Connection With June 5 Murder Of Parrish Gray...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Kyle Edward Hickman, whose charges this blog reported on yesterday based on jail roster info, apparently even before prosecutors had finished writing the criminal complaint, is charged with the murder of Parrish Gray. The criminal complaint shows ONLY ONE CHARGE (unlike the jail roster) which is "accomplice after the fact."

Gray had a criminal record of drug and swindle convictions but, in the customary way, was said to have been "just starting to turn his life around." Gray's full name was Parrish Cassini Lofton Gray, and at least one media report names him as "Cassini Gray."

Here is the criminal complaint, word for word. Keep in mind these are merely allegations made by highly trained, usually successful criminal prosecutors who have thought long and hard before filing this kind of thing, but MERE allegations, (of freaking MURDER) none the less...

Complainant Eric Fors of the Minneapolis Police Department has investigated the facts and circumstances of this offense and believes the following establishes probable cause:

On or about June 5, 2012, a Minneapolis police officer was approached by a vehicle near Broadway and Emerson. The occupants of the vehicle told police that one of the passengers had been shot. He was subsequently identified (victim), and pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived at the scene.

(JNS blog notes: the word "victim" is in parenthesis just like this. This criminal complaint may have been drafted and filed before prosecutors even had a NAME)

Investigators later interviewed the three surviving occupants of the vehicle. Each stated the car they were in was shot at near the intersection of 18th Avenue North and Irving Avenue North.

(JNS says: Please note, Kyle Hickman lives right there at 1715 Irving Ave. N.)

Minneapolis Officers responded to this area and located discharged shell casings (DCCs) on the west side of Irving Avenue. Your Affiant interviewed the driver of the Cadillac, identified as L.W.

L.W. described a person shooting at his vehicle as a black male in his late teens or early twenties, average height, thin build, wearing shorts.

A witness identified as T.M. was located in the area of 18th and Irving. He told police he observed a black male he knew as "Kyle," wearing a blue short and white shorts run into his residence at 1715 Irving Ave. N. He also observe (sic) another black male wearing a white t-shirt and plaid colored shorts running from the area of the gun shots and across the front yard of 1715 Irving Ave. N.

Police spoke with the occupants of the home at 1715 Irving Ave. N. and identified one of them as KYLE EDWARD HICKMAN, DOB 1/23/1994. Hickman first told police he was outside with Rob (later identified as witness R.A.) and heard the gunshots, but did not see anything. After several minutes, Hickman changed his story, and claimed he had been outside with "Rob." When police asked Hickman who was wearing plaid shorts, Hickman's mother, P.H, interjected, indicating that "J-Rock" had been wearing plaid shorts.

(JNS notes: There are some extraneous and actually incorrect commas in this complaint. They are driving me crazy. I'm taking them out. For some reason the person writing this complaint thinks a comma always belongs before something in quote marks like "Rob" or "J-Rock")

(I assume "P.H." is Patricia J. Hickman, listed as owner of the house)

She elaborated that she heard the shots and went outside to yell at Hickman to get inside the house. As she did so, she observed "J-Rock" running towards her residence and making reference to shots being fired. She indicated that "J-Rock" came inside her residence, and that he and Kyle Hickman went to the basement of her residence together, where they were for approximately one half hour.

In the early morning hours of June 6, 2012, a search warrant was subsequently executed at 1715 Irving Avenue North, and a 9 mm handgun was found in the basement laundry room. The gun was wrapped in a white plastic bag with paper towels and two 9 mm rounds. The gun smelled like rubbing alcohol, and felt cold and wet to the touch.

Investigators checked the police data bases searching for the identity of "J-Rock." They determined that this was actually Jaylin Deshawn Dubose, DOB 4/21/1994, who appeared in prior police reports with Kyle Hickman. In subsequent interviews, Hickman would positively identify Dubose as "J-Rock." He would also identify "Rob" as witness "R.A." In the interviews, Hickman's version of events was not consistent, and he was telling investigators facts they knew were not true. For example, he claimed that witness E.T. was not present at the time of the shooting, which investigators had learned from other witnesses to be false.

Hickman was eventually booked and placed under arrest. He would later contact investigators, and ask that they speak with him again. He was Mirandized, and in the subsequently recorded interviews, stated that "J-Rock" shot at the Cadillac and then ran into his house.

(JNS says: Violation of pronoun rule. By the rules of grammar, "his" refers to "J-Rock." So that would make it J-Rock's house. Only it's NOT J-Rock's house, it's Kyle's house, obviously)

Hickman described the location and condition of the gun consistently with where and how it was discovered by officers, and described observing J-Rock wipe down the gun with rubbing alcohol, and hide it in his basement.

(JNS says:  See previous comment about violation of pronoun rule)

Investigators spoke with witness R.A. on June 7, 2012. R.A. told them that at the time of the shooting, he was present with J-Rock and E.T., walking southbound on Irving Avenue South.

(JNS says: Not frigging likely. I'm sure you mean Irving Avenue NORTH)

They observed a squad car that was involved in a traffic stop, and J-Rock indicated he didn't feel comfortable walking by the squad, and peeled off from the group. R.A. was vague about what happened next, but he stated that J-Rock was near the corner when the gunfire started, and would only indicate that it was "possible" that J-Rock had fired the gun. R.A. stated he fled the scene with E.T., whom was also present when the shots were fired.

Witness E.T. spoke with investigators on June 7, 2012. He indicated that he was present in front of 1715 Irving Avenue North at the time of the shooting. E.T. stated that he was with Kyle Hickman, Witness R.A., and Jaylin Deshawn Dubose, whom he knows as "J-Rock." E.T. stated that he observed a silver Cadillac driving northbound on Irving Avenue No.

E.T. stated that he observed the defendant walk from the front of the 1715 Irving residence towards the Cadillac, which had stopped at a stop sign at 18th Avenue.

Witness E.T. stated he heard gunshots from the area where the defendant had approached the Cadillac, and then observed the defendant run back towards the residence of 1715 Irving immediately after the shots.

E.T. stated he ran from the area after the shots. E.T. stated he spoke to "J-Rock" on June 6, 2012, and that J-Rock had indicated he shot at the Cadillac because it was driving "janky."

(JNS says: Dear god, it's the SECOND "janky" North Minneapolis shooting, click here for the previous one!) 

Police have been actively searching for Dubose, but have not been able to locate him as of June 7, 2012.

(Thus ends the criminal complaint)


Johnny Northside! said...

Hey, Star Tribune.

You better get on this one. Johnny Northside is eating your lunch.

Zac said...

Actually you are absolutely wrong.
If you are going to be a crime reporter you should learn the arrest and booking process, and how the process of charging a defendant works.
You are claiming that you reported his charges before anyone else. The truth is he actually had not been charged with any crime when you wrote your original article. That is most likely why the StarTribune, and other media did not report the charges. Nothing was official.
As you wrote he was arrested on probable cause.

But that could change. When a person is arrested by the police and booked into the Hennepin County Adult Detention Facility, the arresting officer(s) provide details of why the person is being booked. The person is arrested on a tab charge for a misdemeanor, or on probable cause for anything higher like a felony. While police officers can have probable cause to arrest someone, only the county attorney can charge someone with a felony, and certain crimes require a Grand Jury.
The point here is simply that while the police officers arrested Hickman on probable cause, the actual charges can be more serious, less serious or he could be released without any charges.
The county attorney has 72 to decide what charges to file, if any. And of course, those charges can always be amended later.

The professional media typically will not name a suspect until they have actually been charged for a variety of reasons, including accurate reporting, avoiding liability, and the most important is being fair to the accused. Writing someone has committed a crime, when the charges are changed or never filed, can damage a reputation.

So while you are thumbing your nose at the StarTribune gloating in your belief that you scooped them on a story, the StarTribune is actually in the right.
The StarTribune acted in a professional, responsible, and ethical manner, and in accordance with the standards of the Society of Professional Journalists.
A good journalist has strong morals and high ethical standards.
Ethics means having the ability to understand the concepts of right and wrong.
Ethics is a virtue in life and in journalism.
A journalist who displays anything less is just a hack.

Johnny Northside! said...

I make it clear when it's a "probable cause" arrest and not formal charges.

Good enough. It's on the roster, it's public data, and guess what? The fact of the detention is being scooped up by data aggregators on the internet and getting republished.

And yes, I am gloating. I ate the Star Tribune's lunch, and it was a four course meal with a nice wine and expensive dessert. In fact, they're STILL stuck in the starting gate, whining about printing the name of the suspect WANTED BY POLICE in connection with the shooting.

At the end of the day, who are readers going to read? The "nanny press" Star Tribune, or the red hot blog with the information they're seeking?

Anonymous said...

wow crazy story . kyle is telling and still going to serve his time.

Anonymous said...

My money is on the Strib. Most people want accurate news written by professional journalists. Not a hack blogger with an axe to grind.
A blogger who is also just grabbing at straws to get readers to his blog who will hopefully donate a few bucks to cover his legal bills.
Legal bills that the hack blogger (and professional media manipulator) has amassed after being sued, and socked with a $60,000 judgment.

Johnny Northside! said...

This coverage is the kind of thing this blog does before, during, and after the lawsuit you're referencing.

And my money is on the "hack blogger" in the case you're referencing.

Anonymous said...

Free Kyle Jo Nuff Said

Anonymous said...

To zac

Reporters mention suspects who haven't been charged all the time. Example, George Zimmerman was named and discussed continuously for at least a month before finally being charged.

Johnny Northside! said...

The examples are LEGION.

The Star Tribune reporter who stinked all over himself in public about not publishing the name has a well-deserved reputation of writing stories that are a little bit "off."

Johnny Northside! said...

As an example of that, here's the story he wrote recently about a woman filing a lawsuit against the police over a search where a dog was shot.

Look all through the article and then tell me, who was the ATTORNEY who filed it?

How do you write a story this long about a lawsuit and not mention who was the attorney who filed it? Does the attorney have, well, a BAD REPUTATION and McKinney wants to shade that fact?

Anonymous said...

The attorney who filed the suit is Christopher Kuhlman, if you bother to read the attached complaint.
The story wasn't about the attorney.
My read of the story is that the attorney wasn't relevant.
The entire article was written from the complaint, and since the attorney wasn't interviewed, his name doesn't add anything to the story, and might give the false impression that he had been interviewed.

Funny how you always trash the Strib reporters that write unflattering articles about you.

The examples are LEGION? I don't follow that comment.

And who is the reporter you allege stinked all over himself, with a reputation that is off?

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't think that sidebar with the attachment was present when the story first came up in my Google news search, and it's still lousy form to write about a lawsuit and not mention the attorney who filed the lawsuit. If he wasn't available for comment about his own lawsuit, that belongs in the story, otherwise get a quote.

NOTE HOW THE STORY SAYS THE POLICE WEREN'T AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT. Doesn't say ANYTHING about the attorney. That reveals everything, right there. If the attorney wasn't available for comment, Matt McKinney shaded that fact.

The only STrib reporter I consistently criticize is Matt McKinney because his stories are consistently OFF and show a "cop dislike" vibe.

As for my LEGION comment, and the examples are LEGION (which means "many," I'm just using a 25 cent word) I was commenting on the fact there are numerous instances of the mainstream media printing the name of somebody who is wanted by police before charges are formally filed.

But McKinney didn't publish the name of Jaylin Dubose, WANTED BY THE POLICE right now and named in the criminal complaint about Kyle Hickman.

Why? Because McKinney is just OFF and has an anti-cop vibe.

Johnny Northside! said...

And here's another example of somebody whose name was publicized in the mass media when he was wanted by the police, before charges were formally filed.

Andrew Cunanan. He was the guy who murdered fashion designer Gianni Versace.

The examples I can think of--Zimmerman (thanks to the commenter for that example) and Cunanan are high profile examples, but I've driven through little bummy towns and picked up the local paper and, yeah, some guy WANTED FOR QUESTIONING by the police.

There's his name. There's his picture. Some details about why they want to talk to him.

It's just OFF that McKinney won't publish Jaylin Dubose's name and, unfortunately, the other media feed off the Star Tribune's stories so McKinney becomes a journalistic log jam.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the question i have is were there other shots fired around that area i mean if they are all gang members who is to say that someone else didn't shoot as well. not saying dubose didn't shoot but who is to say that the shot he supposely shot is the one that kill gray?

Gods child said...

While U two go on and on about ur Ego trips the really message that's clear here is someone has lost their life, in the process other young men life's are totally screwed from this point forward. I personally know one of the young man in questioning And Im preplexed on Ho could this even be. My heart goes out to the mothers baring this burden. I pray to God that he gives U all comfort in ur time of need. My heart also deeply goes out to the grieving mother that lost her baby. To Parish R.I.P Gods in total control. A heeling is need on the northside of MPLS, and all the law enforcement need to be fired and a whole new team need to be hired cause apparently they don't have a clue. How many more people will die before something changes dramatically ??? If it a war going on on this side of town wheres the troops where their most needed? Instead of wasting our taxes money on the war in the middle east why are we not fight this war here ( northside MPLS) I remember when I first came here from Chicago U couldn't make a move without police been right there, not only that but U couldn't even jaywalk. Now it just like who give a FUCK! Really let those niggas kill one another , but innocent children are being shot in there homes. When will it become a problem for law enforcement ? When it's one of them or their family?

Johnny Northside! said...

I think it's the dumbass thugs killing each other who "don't have a clue" and the cops should all get a raise and "combat pay" every month.

Gods child said...

^^^^^^ sorry for the couple of typos

Gods child said...

U sound as worthless as they are I live over here they don't do shit ......... And not only that their job is to to fight crime and their wasting time, and our tax money joy riding the area focusing on the wrong thing when it's a he'll hole over north ,anytime your five and three year old isn't safe inside the home . Do you even live over here ?????? I bet HELLZ NO!!!!!! so You don't know what the Hells really going on over here I do . U can keep brown noising the MPLS police department "they" fucking suck and U do as well . I know your kind your a fucking gossip gump with way to much time on our hands , with no resolutions but a bucnch of shit to blog . Now I'm done entertaining your shananagins . The best part of a resolution is a solution instead of gossip that won't change anything ,thats what we need a heeling with strong resolutions. We are suffering over here on THIS!!!side of town (northside Mpls) anytime I can't even send my children out to play :-( my children literally have to stay in around here and watch tv or play video game cause I don't want my children to randomly get shot and killed , and now I got to worry about stray bullets!! Coming through my home!! This is madness everyone that live over north is not like the most that have invaded here with their trifling bullshit I'm just sick to my stomach with the no help from the ones that "Serves and protect" ........ OAN: I'm definitely moving!!!!!!!!

Gods child said...

3 and 5 year olds in side their home aren't "Thugs" Gossip Queen

Johnny Northside! said...

And clearly my comment was not directed at them, and you can't even put forward a believable pretense it was or that it could even be mistaken as such.

Anonymous said...

Rest In Paradise To My Cousin Parrish !!!

#Enough Said