Friday, June 8, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: William Ravon Johnson Arrested For Attempted Murder, Fleeing Police In A Motor Vehicle, Allegedly...

Stock photo, fleeing vehicle (this one was a suspected john) blog post by John Hoff

William Ravon Johnson, DOB 11/6/90, is sitting in jail right now on probable cause for (alleged) attempted murder, fleeing police in a motor vehicle, and felony domestic assault. He also had bench warrants from old charges for giving an officer a false name, driving after revocation, and theft of movable property.

There is also a minor marijuana charged listed as "PET MISD." Not sure what THAT is, but it's not a probable cause detention, not a bench warrant, not listed under "formally charged." Whatever.

Unknown if this incident is...

...connected to any recent incidents in the news. My gut says it's not, and the "attempted murder" could involve some dangerous action with the car while allegedly fleeing. But these are serious charges and this guy's address is listed on the jail roster as 1524 Morgan Ave. N. 

The house is a rental owned by Layne Chapple and Ed Vidmar of 14291 Cranberry Way, Rosemount, Minnesota.

Seeing something familiar about that address, I checked and sure enough. It's been mentioned on a previous blog posting about people in the jail, click here. It appears that Chapple and Vidmar are the force behind "Chapmar Properties, listed on the same address on Cranberry Way. Chapmar owns 2950 Russell Ave. N., where a guy named Antwon Deshune Draine reportedly lives (according to jail roster info) and was formally charged with burglary, as well as 4 other related felony charges.

Congrats, Chapmar Properties. You are officially on the radar of Johnny Northside Dot Com. 


The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

Probably petty misdemeanor.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, nicely done, Hawkman.

I kept thinking "Pet Missed," and I sure do want my pet BACK.