Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fat Lady Warming Up To Sing In "True JACC" Court Case...

Creative stock photo, FOB Gardez, Afghanistan, blog post by John Hoff

This blog previously reported on the "hard to watch legal enema" when attorney Jill Clark went before the State Court of Appeals in the "True JACC" court case, an endless legal wrangle spawned when decent people were voted into seats on the Jordan Area Community Council and one of their first acts was to fire JACC Executive Director Jerry Moore for punching a board member the night before. 

Now, according to a reliable source behind-the-scenes...

...a ruling will come down from the State Court of Appeals on or about Monday, July 2. The prediction I'm receiving is the case will be unpublished, unanimous, and will be strongly worded against the JACC plaintiffs, a/k/a the "Old Majority" which was democratically ousted but just wouldn't let go. There is a metric butt ton of attorney fees in play, specifically $40,887.37 which the district court determined the 15 plaintiffs owed to the defendants and which were appealed. This expected ruling will resolve whether those fees will still have to be paid, will be reduced, or (maybe) will be increased.

Oh, I suppose it's also theoretically possible the Court of Appeals could say no attorney fees are owed by the plaintiffs but that's more like a "Crazy Town" court ruling, the sort of thing Jill Clark and her touched-in-the-head clients may hope and dream of, but which simply won't happen. Of course, until it doesn't happen, they will dream of it; they will act as though it could be reality, they will list their imaginary title on their website. More on THAT in a moment.

Naturally, Jill "Mistress Of Futile Gestures" Clark will file an appeal but a grant of "cert" from the State Supreme Court seems unlikely. When this failure to grant cert happens (I'm going with the prediction, here) it will be quite a legal "diss" against Clark, who is actually running for Chief Justice of that same State Supreme Court, kind of like conspiracy nut Lyndon LaRouche runs for president sometimes.

In a matter which might be related to the pending resolution of the JACC lawsuit, some scuttlebutt was passed my way (take that for what it's worth) that the Lawyers Board of Professional Responsibility is requesting documentation pertaining to attorney Ben Myers. Myers, who is one of the losing defendants in the JACC case, has a website which (incredibly) still lists him as the Vice Chair for the Jordan Area Community Council, from 2008 to the Present. This claim has about as much basis in reality as the claims of old women named "Anastasia" to be the sole surviving heir to the Russian Czarist empire.

(Parody font)

I would also like to pass on to my "fraternal twin half brother" Ben Myers that Big Mama Sweetums says you're not damned to hell anymore, Ben, if only you will give her back the title papers to the trailer house and get your pile of roofing materials out of her back yard. But Mama swears she will BURN the roofing materials on the Fourth Of July as soon as it gets dark.

She said this while holding up your ragged little Disney's Captain Hook doll and saying, "Tick tock, tick tock."

And, yes, Brother Ben, it's a DOLL.

Not an action figure, a DOLL.

I'm not saying SHE said she'd burn the doll but, well, she was HOLDING it and talking about making a big fire out of the shingles. Take that for what it's worth.

(End parody font)

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