Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Details From The Criminal Complaint Against Malo Gomez, The Infamous "Bored Shooter"

Image from FB profile of Malo Locco Gomez, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Malo Gomez was convicted today of shooting at police because (so he said) he was bored. Since this blog is "the media," I received a copy of the press release like all the other vultures. Included with the press release was a copy of the criminal complaint, which contained some interesting details I hadn't seen before.

I love getting stuff like that in the public record, little things like the name and address of the liquor store hit by one of Malo's stray bullets.

Oh, wow. I don't even need to say "allegedly." That's so liberating...

Anyway, here's the criminal complaint, word-for-word. I've included a few informative live links.

3341 Oliver Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55412

(Complainant is Scott Larson of MPD)

On or about July 25, 2011 at about 11:30 PM, MAM and DLD, licensed peace officers working in full Minneapolis Police Department uniforms were sitting in their Minneapolis marked squad car parked just north of 3219 Penn Avenue North in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota. The Union Liquor Store is located at 3219 Penn Ave. N.

They had just stopped a car and issued a traffic citation. They were completing their paperwork and waiting for a tow truck to remove the car. The area was well lit by street lights and the lights from the Union Liquor Store and parking area. The squad car emergency light bar was lit. The interior lights of the squad car were on.

DLD was the driver in marked squad 431. He heard several shots hitting his side of the squad. He ducked down to his right laying over the radio and siren box. When the shooting stopped, he got out and took the Rifle from his trunk to assist officers looking for the shooter.

MAM was the passenger in marked squad 431. While the officers were waiting for a tow, he heard gunshots coming from the driver's side of the squad. He looked back over his left shoulder through the center glass divider; he could see unknown objects in the air coming toward the squad. He heard bullets striking the squad as he was crouching down to get out of the line of fire. He heard approximately six shots.

Numerous officers and two canines responded to the call but were unable to locate the suspect.

Minneapolis Police Crime Lab used lasers to determine the possible trajectory of the rounds fired at the marked squad. From their calculations, the shooter appeared to be in the vacant lot on the south side of 3230 Penn Ave. N. Officers located nine discharged cartridge casings on the north end of the vacant lot adjacent to an apartment building at that location.

Minneapolis police crime lab observed a bullet strike to the lower center of the driver's side door where Officer DLD was sitting at the time the shots were fired. The squad passenger side backup light was hit by a bullet. There were possible bullet strikes found on the driver's side rear quarter panel, the trunk, and the underside of the rear bumper on the drivers side. The liquor store located at 3219 Penn Ave. N. was hit with at least one bullet.

In August of 2011, Hennepin County Violent Offender Task Force Unit began to hear that defendant MALO DESHAUNTA GOMEZ was claiming responsibility for shooting at the Minneapolis police officers on Penn in July. Gomez is a documented affiliate of the Stick up Boys street gang. Gomez lived about one block from where the shots were fired. Officers went to the Red Wing Correctional Facility and talked to an inmate who confirmed that the "street talk" among gang members is that Gomez did the shooting.

On September 15, officers learned that Gomez was in the Hennepin County Jail on other charges. They went to the jail and interviewed him. Gomez initially denied any involvement in the shooting but then changed his story. He told investigators that he shot at the officers from the apartment building site where the casings were found. He told them he shot with a High-Point 9mm gun.

Investigators learned from the ballistics experts at MPD that the casings were consistent with a High Point. Gomez had no reason for shooting at the officers, "I was bored wanted to fire the gun off." Gomez claimed he threw the gun into the Mississipp River.


NoMi Passenger said...

Ugh! Cliff hanger!



Johnny Northside! said...

All finished with the post. No more cliff hanger.

Anonymous said...

Should just go ahead and sterilize this kid right now.

Anonymous said...

Yet another photo of stupidity ! God help these idiots !

The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

I have thankfully never been shot at, but the part where the officer observed objects in the air jumped out at me. Can you actually see bullets coming at you?

Johnny Northside! said...

To Hawkman,

I got online and looked into it and apparently, under optimum light conditions, you can.

Anonymous said...

Several years ago some teen thugs thought it would be fun to shoot out of the window of their house. I was getting out of my car and the window of the car next to me in the school parking lot shattered. As I turned to look, I heard a plink and saw the bullet hole form in the car. I ducked behind my car and called 911, it took the cops 4 minutes to arrive and during that time I saw several more holes. I was able see them shooting from a block away (muzzle flash), but never saw the bullets.
That cop you write about must have had excellent vision, and/or a vivid imagination.
In my case the officers arrested the two teens and confiscated a .22 rifle.
They got juvenile diversion as a punishment. No wonder we have continued crime when the judges are soft on thugs.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is a link to an online discussion where some gun enthusiasts talk about conditions when bullets can be seen in the air.

Johnny Northside! said...

Also, I should add: This was a HIGH POINT 9 mm. I know not everybody checks all my live links, but I linked to some info about how High Points are notoriously shitty weapons.

So if ANY pistol could shoot a bullet and you could SEE that bullet because the bullet was slow, well, probably a High Point might produce that effect.

Also, I've heard about soldiers who run gun ranges who, under certain rare and optimum conditions, can see the bullets. It's a special and infrequent experience, but I've heard of it happening.

Also, when I was about 12, I saw the wad of shot come out of a 20 gauge and hit my target. I didn't know if that was a bad shell and the shot pellets came out with less speed than usual, but I do recall seeing that happen ONCE in my lifetime.

Chrissy said...

Same Gomez family as Rayjon?

Johnny Northside! said...

Yes. For more info on that, check out my series called Keeping Up With the Gomezes, A Handy Dandy Guide or something like that.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

Malo's dud twig for an arm might get him a lot of attention in the house.

Anonymous said...

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Johnny Northside! said...

I only caught part of that. I wish I could understand everything you said and decipher your insult. What is "df"? And how are you using the phrase "sucking his dick" in this context?

Also, what do you mean by "jail?" This young man is going to PRISON now, not jail.