Friday, June 22, 2012

Www.Placeography.Org Has Cool NoMi Photos (But Not That Many, Really)

Image from, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

One of my readers slash contributors sent me a link to a website called Placeography Dot Org, which was created by the Minnesota State Historical Society to document the images, history and stories connected to particular places in Minnesota.

The photo above is one of a limited number of NoMi addresses documented on the site, 1314 Fremont Ave. N.

I really like the idea of connecting history to particular addresses, which is why I excitedly create a tag for each street address that I write about, to help search engines link to the info. Our neighborhood is changing rapidly, and future residents will be fascinated to learn the stories connected to their specific addresses. I picture these future residents drinking well-chilled glasses of white wine and emitting appalled, breathless laughter over archived stories about a slumlord making a hand rail out of a shipping pallet.

If I could I'd sit and upload my photos to this site all day for the future enjoyment of future NoMi residents, but we haven't arrived in "urban utopia" quite yet.

I have promises to keep, and miles to blog before I sleep.

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leeesher said...

Old Highland has documented quite a few properties on Placeography through our Historic Old Highland project -[[Category%3ABuildings]][[Has+location+neighborhood%2Flocality%2Fprovince%3A%3AOld+Highland%2C+Minneapolis%2C+Minnesota]]&p=format%3Dbroadtable&po=%3FBuilding+number%3D%23%0A%3FHas+location+street%3DStreet%0A%3FStreet+suffix%3D%0A%3FDirection%3D%0A&order=ASC