Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jennifer Danielle Garcia, Another Scary Mahmood Khan Sleazebag Tenant (Based On Jail Roster Info)

Photo by John Hoff from a YouTube video, blog post by John Hoff

You may not be able to read the writing in the photo above, so I will help. It says, "residents live in the fear that comes with Mahmood Khan tenants."

Here's a good example of that...

Jennifer Danielle Garcia, DOB 8/21/86, sits in jail right now, on a bench warrant of Burglary, First Degree Assault Person In Building/On Property, and aggravated first degree robbery.

On the jail roster, Garcia's address is reportedly 2722 Oliver Ave. N., a property owned by slumlord Mahmood Khan, the subject of recent coverage on this blog, click here and also here.

Jennifer Danielle Garcia doesn't show any prior record in MNCIS. There is somebody with her same three names, whose age appears right, indicted on charges of meth possession and child endangerment in Amarillo, Texas. However, I am unable to confirm 100 percent if it's the same person.

The charges in Hennepin County are scary enough. She's held on $100,000 bail. Gee, Khan could buy, what? Three houses with that kind of money?


Jennifer Garcia said...

And the girl in Texas is not me.... I have no priors and I got mixed up in a very bad situation.... you should do a blog on young women being taken advantage of, and also on that date my bail was 250,000 the previous 100,000 was posted..... you really should get your facts straight before you talk about things that you dont know! Young women are being taken advantage of these days that should be a story for you to write, not posting facts that you dont even have correct!

Johnny Northside! said...

There are no facts here that are incorrect. The facts were as I found them. If you're not the same girl, then you're not and I noted in the blog posting that it was somebody with ALL THREE OF YOUR NAMES who was about the same age, but I couldn't positively confirm it.

As for what your bail was on that date, thank you for pointing out your bail was $150,000 MORE than the jail roster for that date said it was. The fact is not incorrect because it is ACCORDING TO THE JAIL ROSTER. If a judge that moment is deciding the bail is different, I'm still writing what it is ACCORDING TO THE JAIL ROSTER and THAT is a FACT.

I know it's all very personal to you, but try to understand I have hundreds of alleged scum bags to keep track of. As for young women being taken advantage of and what I should write, well, here's a blank slate for you to write all about your "bad situation." I'm sure you can write your story much better than I can (or would) about why you're not actually a scumbag.