Monday, June 25, 2012

Antwann Lamar Allen Looks Like He'll Be On Probation To His Dying Day...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Antwann Lamar Allen, DOB 11/9/85, sits in jail this moment...hardly for the first time. Allen has a relatively minor drug record, compared to other ne'er-do-wells who pass through the Hennepin County Jail. But give him credit for this. He's really made do with the record he has.

In fact, Allen has managed to parlay a drug arrest back in the summer of 2008 into one probation violation after another. Incredibly, stemming from that one arrest in 2008, he has managed to repeatedly violate probation and remains on probation until February of 2013.

And currently, he sits...

...cooling his heels in the jail since June 23. Apparently, Allen only needs $7,500 bail to get out and walk the streets, despite drug charges listed on the jail roster involving at least 13 grams of hard stuff. (Cocaine, heroin and/or meth) But Allen can't seem to raise the bail and at the moment it appears he'll be spending the Fourth of July in jail, not having a hearing until July 6. Sad.

According to the jail roster, Allen resides at 1622 Fremont Ave. N., a rental owned by "M Shirvani and H Golbabai," whose address is listed as 39 Iron Horse Trail, Ladera Ranch, California.

It doesn't get more "absentee property owner" than this.

You two California dreamers don't need to hold your breathe for a Christmas card from Johnny Northside Dot Com.

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