Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day Four, Count Down To Incarceration, Nitelen Jackson And DeCari Antonio Starr, a/k/a "Pudda"

Photo from Facebook profile of Nitelen Jackson, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

This blog is counting down the days until Nitelen Jackson turns himself in to serve a 45 day sentence for theft, posting something each day. This is a tribute to the Minneapolis Police Department who work so hard to get thugs off the streets, only to have the revolving door of justice turn them loose to commit more mayhem.

On the first day of Nitelen, this blog published intense-yet-almost-indecipherable discourse about Nitelen passing a paternity test, click here. Day Two featured the actual criminal complaint which involved a tragically stupid attempt to steal Ralph Lauren clothing, click here. Day Three featured bud, bud, and also more bud. 

On this, Day Four, I'm publishing photos which show Nitelen's tributes to DeCari Antonio Starr, a/k/a "Pudda," whose murder is still unsolved.

However, it seems like the identity of his murderer may not be unknown. One young person posted a promise on Facebook, "your killer dieing (sic) this year."

Anyway, Nitelen's page is full of photographic tributes to "Pudda," and here are some of them...

At the grave of Decari Antonio Starr.

Another at the grave. Note the shirt says "Happy C-Day." The phrase "C-Day" is used by Crips or Crip wannabes to avoid using "B" for "Birthday," since the Bloods gang starts with the letter "B." So Crips don't have "B-days," they have "C-days."

This according to Urban Dictionary.

And another.

This one features Nitelen at the curbside memorial for Pudda. Note the Decari Antonio Starr grave marker shirt.

Same shirt, close up.

I have already published this photo, but note the "RIP PUDDA" tattoo. At the neckline, you can just barely see the top of a five pointed star. The star tattoo appears to be in reference to Decari's last name, which was Starr.

It seems very hard to believe this group of young people doesn't have a very good idea of who killed "Pudda" and the reasons why. But, just as Nitelen kept his mouth shut about who was his accomplice with the Ralph Lauren clothing caper at Macy's in Edina, nobody is speaking up or coming forward with information about the death of "Pudda." 


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