Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ken Lawrence Declares Write-In Candidacy, To Resounding Yawns...

Logo from Ken Lawrence's website, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Ken Lawrence (Kenneth Allen Lawrence) is telling people he's a "candidate" in House District 59B. His odds of winning the race are shown, above, actual size.

What he means by "candidate" is that he's running as a write-in. Lawrence is in the same race with Ian Alexander, Terra Cole, "thug hugger" Raymond Dehn and two Republican challengers whose names aren't worth mentioning because Republicans simply do not win in 59B.

Neither, for that matter, do write-ins.

Lawrence is saying...

...he's a real, viable candidate who can win and, in public discussion on the Northtalk Facebook page, cites some kind of flukey campaign involving somebody named "Donna Frye" who ALMOST won a mayoral campaign...somewhere. Whatever. Even in his EXAMPLE, the write-in didn't win.

As I told Ken Lawrence, "What's the difference between you and the four political midgets who ran against Don Samuels?"

Answer: The four midgets all had enough sense to be on the ballot.

Lawrence merits brief mention on this blog and then it's a case of, "Move along, folks, nothing to see here."


Anonymous said...

A technical correction that actually serves to make your point even stronger: Donna Frye did NOT win the election for San Diego mayor. She won a plurality of votes, but many voters misspelled her name on a write-in ballot (Fry instead of Frye) and/or did not properly fill in the oval. Furthermore, her election happened during a runoff election between two other candidates and was therefore likely at odds with the city charter.

So the comparison being made by Mr. Lawrence is to a candidate who 1) did not win, and 2) should have been running in the general election instead of the runoff.

Then there's the curious choice of using Myspace as the web platform for the candidacy. (What? Were Friendster and full?) At least he's Myspace friends with Tom. (And no one else)

Johnny Northside! said...

You're right. It took me a moment to realize that even in the example he CITES, the write-in didn't win.

I've made the correction accordingly, thank you.

Anonymous said...

John, when are you going to tell us about Ray's cocaine felony conviction, his pardon, and why Keith Ellison would support such a person?

Johnny Northside! said...

If somebody can get the court documents with the details of Dehn's conviction, I'll be glad to publish that stuff, in detail. But I'm out of state at the moment and can't wish myself to the courthouse.

If I COULD wish myself to the courthouse, I'd go look up Jill Clark's file (if it's public) about her disciplinary proceeding.

Tina Lee said...

Johnny, I am going to see about getting those court documents on Ray Dehn. I to would like to know just why Keith Ellison is supporting such a person. The man was caught with ONE POUND of cocaine and somehow ended up with a possessions conviction, not selling. I get that people can and should get an opportunity to clean up their lives, to grow and to change but the way this has been brushed under the rug by him and others is disgusting. Particularly when he was going around the convention hall whispering at delegates that Ian Alexander is a IR plant. Wow.

Johnny Northside! said...

You have my email address. Send me the documents and they will go to the top of the bloggy stack of priorities. Just make sure I actually received them, get some kind of acknowledgment, OK?

Things do sometimes end up in the spam folder of my email.