Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trying To "Follow The Money" In The Jordan Neighborhood

Photo By John Hoff

The "Jordan Livability Blog" has come out with a new, detailed post about the situation with Jordan's financial records and what a tangled mess that is...

Click here for a link.

Also, while I was out dining with a couple neighborhood movers and shakers, I managed to learn one member of the Jordan Neighborhood uses a numbering system to refer to the lawsuits, thusly:

Lawsuit One: Ben Myers, attorney, suing over defamation of character. This lawsuit now involves a COUNTERSUIT, as well. Reportedly, two of the defendants (Anne McCandless and Megan Goodmundson) were served with papers at a community cookout. They did not duck service, but actually gave the process server driving directions.

Lawsuit Two: Al "I Am The Community" Flowers suing for violation of his civil rights. I'd be happy to mail Al Flowers three dollars to drop this lawsuit, but somehow I get a feeling that ain't gunna happen. (By the way, does anybody know his actual address? And, no, don't say "Crazy Town, Office of the Mayor")

Lawsuit Three: Members of the "Old Majority" more or less alleging wrongful usurption of power in the JACC organization by members of the "New Majority." (Those are my labels, but they have been used by the Jordan Livability blog, too)

With so many lawsuits pending, it looks like the hit "As The Neighborhood Turns" soap opera is in no danger of being cancelled any time soon!

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Anonymous said...

About the accounting mess that is detailed at Jordan Livability Blog, I suppose we should all dish up a big bowl of Ben & Jerry's newest flavor of ice cream: Triple Fraudulent Fudge with Nuts on top and tune in for the premiere episode of "CSI: Non-Profit Crime Unit: The stories of a forensic accountant"

it's gonna be some good entertainment.