Saturday, July 11, 2009

HUD Secretary Tours Cottage Park In The Jordan Neighborhood...

Yesterday's big news was the visit of United States HUD Secretary Donovan in the Cottage Park area of the Jordan Neighborhood, where the use of economic stimulus money is earning praise. Mainstream media were ALL OVER THIS STORY of the Secretary's visit so the question for a blogger becomes the same kind of thing asked by a hungry hyena: 

What kind of scraps will be left over when the hungry lions are finished? 

Despite stiff competition, I did manage to find some unique angles. Here, VIPs including Senator Klobuchar, Mayor Rybak and Council Member Don Samuels are greeted by a charming, quite self-possessed little girl who...

...was saying positive things about her neighborhood and the youth program run by her church. The VIPs then toured the family's house, but it was the little girl who stole their heart.

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