Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Roger Smithrud Files For Ward 5 City Council!!!!! (Oh, Yeah, And So Did Kenya McKnight)

Photo By John Hoff

Yesterday, two candidates for City Council in Ward 5 filed on the same day for the seat held by Council Member Don Samuels.

Roger Smithrud filed as a member of the Independence Party, listing his address as 2357 James Ave. N. He has previously run for state rep in 58B.

Kenya McKnight--who was interested in a Green Party endorsement mere days ago, but flaked out--filed as a member of the DFL, listing her address as 1230 Morgan Ave. N., #2.

ADDENDUM: Or, shall I say, Lenn-dendum? It is now confirmed that Lennie "The Heckler" Chism, who recently bought the Uncle Bill's store for $3,000 with a grand scheme of turning it into an organic food store, has also tossed his hat into this rather crowded ring.

ADDENDUM TO ADDENDUM: Natalie Johnson Lee is now in the race, making it a five-way in Ward 5. Natalie is running as DFL to which this Green Party member says "Thank God." 

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Anonymous said...

Jill Clark Update X 2

Yesterday Jill's client Trisha Farkarlun was convicted of falsely accusing two Minneapolis police officers of raping her in 2007. This after a three week trial in which Jill was up to her usual over the top nonsense. The jury took about one hour to convict the lying psycho.

Then today, the court of appeals ruled against Jill and her clients in their claim of double jeapordy and prosecutorial misconduct (http://www.startribune.com/local/51315267.html?page=2&c=y).

You would think after a while she would get tired of getting her ass kicked!

Johnny Northside said...

Thanks but, arg, I need to put up a "free speech" thread again, don't I?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that address outside Willard-Homewood? How, then, was she able to get on a committee of the Willard-Homewood Organization? Isn't that against the bylaws?

Johnny Northside said...

You tell me. I'm not familiar with those bylaws. I know Hawthorne and Jordan have bylaws which include not only living in the neighborhood, but working or worshipping there. Owning property in the neighborhood would be another exception but I somehow doubt Kenya falls under THAT one...

Anonymous said...


Here is the rape story - I guess Jill likes to take loser cases...

Anonymous said...

Worshipping in Jordan does not entitle you to membership. Residing, owning property or being employed does.

I also noticed James Everett filed for mayor. Interesting since the last time I saw him he and Kenya were pushing the idea of North Mpls seceding from Minneapolis and forming our own 'city', like South St Paul. If he wins the mayoral race, will he only be mayor of NoMi?

Anonymous said...

So did Lennie Chism and former CM Natalie Johnson Lee.

Anonymous said...

wow, the fifth ward kRaZY vote is getting all split to hell!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Even at the court of appeals the conspiracy theories come out; and nerve to blame a deceased judge:

State of Minnesota, Respondent,
Tanner McCormack and Tyler Justin McCormack, Appellants.


Court of Appeals of Minnesota.
Filed July 21, 2009
Jill Clark, 2005 Aquila Avenue North, Golden Valley, MN 55427 (for appellant Tanner McCormack)

Jill Waite, 2856 Humboldt Avenue South, Suite 3, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (for appellant Tyler McCormack)

The Court: "FN4. At oral argument, counsel for appellants commented that the entire proceeding was unfair due to biases in the judicial system and speculated in a written submission that the district court judge, now deceased, had a pro-prosecution outlook because his spouse was employed by a member of the Minneapolis City Council who had substantial responsibilities for working with the police department. To the extent judicial bias is an issue, court rules provide a process to request removal or recusal of judges and to make a proper record incident to such motions. No such action was taken here. We do not consider the unsupported bias allegations as issues on appeal."

Johnny Northside said...

Jill Waite suspended from practicing law.