Thursday, July 23, 2009

Candidate Flowers: Here We Go Again (But Where Are We Going?)

Photo By Pat Carney, Al Flowers Versus MPD, January 09

The Mpls Mirror--which lately has become something of a press agent for notorious civic nutcase Al Flowers, running for Mayor on the "kRaZy ToWn" party platform--published a story today (click here) about some kind of tense encounter Al had with the police, and discussed his attorney Jill Clark firing off a letter, doing her usual shrill harpie legal yada yada yada.

Thinking the story might be fleshed out further if I could get my hands on the police report, I contacted MPD records and...

Tried to get a copy of the report. I figured the report would have the name of any minors redacted, but that was OK. I'm happy to cooperate with the police. God bless MPD, like I often say.

To my surprise, I was told the incident that Jill Clark was weeping and wailing and gnashing her teeth over didn't even generate a report. Officers merely did some "advising" which wasn't even worth paperwork.

How disappointing.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how EASY it is to get yuour hands on the tool necessary to turn on and off the city water service? There's a conspiracy alright. However the "mirror" has the perpetrator of the conspiracy wrong.

Gee, if the world would just quit picking on Al and accept the fact that he lives by a set of standards that are different for him than everyone else, things would be just peachy around here....

Anonymous said...

On the subject of the Mirror, checkout the "news" article about "McKnight" and the vowed support she has from 500 residents. Apparently no first name is needed.

The Mortgage Geek said...

Exactly. Way back when 3024 (not to be confused with 3020) 6th St N was a widely known prostitution haven, the water was shut off and the property condemned for lack of utilities. The occupants or people associated with them illegally turned it back on.

We then came across what at that time was an odd paradox. It didn't matter if the water was flowing to the house ILLEGALLY. The fact that there WAS water kept it from being condemned and vacated of its illegal and illicit occupants.

CM Hofstede was instrumental in helping Hawthorne resolve this problem and get prostitutes and pimps moved one house south until that place was foreclosed and vacated as well. (But really, thanks to CM Hofstede on this issue)

So when I hear about Al "I still have water" Flowers, I do not think about vast conspiracies. I think, "Yep, somebody knows how to turn the water back on without permission."

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. When you go to the campaign website shown on the Mirror, there is just a photo of Kenya and NOTHING ELSE.

Is there any better metaphor for her being simply a PROP for the anti-Samuels crowd?

Anonymous said...

oh, sure--back when i was in college, i knew someone who had a tool like that and turned his water on at the street whenever he wanted to take a shower. (he also lived off of the happy hour snack buffet at the local hilton). at the time, i thought it was kind of funny.