Wednesday, July 22, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Fifth Ward Candidate Lennie Chism Has, Um, Utility Issues...

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Is this some kind of pattern with certain members of this year's crop of political midgets running on "anti-revitalization" political platforms, such as mayoral candidate Al Flowers? Do they refuse to pay utility bills out of--what?--some kind of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE against the oh-so-oppressive city? Like, "Heck if I'm paying my water bill! I'm going to STICK IT TO THE MAN!"

Now it turns out Fifth Ward City Council Candidate Lennie "The Heckler" Chism has his own utility issues...

The address he lists as his residence, 2519 Emerson Ave. N., had a "lack of utilities" as of 4/20/09. Click here for the City of Minneapolis property website.

Unknown if that situation has been rectified since then, but when I went by there recently I noticed nobody had picked up the phone book.

And those things were dropped off, what? A couple days ago?

Does Lenny Chism actually LIVE at the address he lists? Inquiring minds want to NoMi.

In the meantime, the situation with the property at 2519 Emerson Ave. N. is another good indicator of whether Lennie is up to the task of renovating the "Uncle Bill's" location, just like the condition of his property at 1901 Glenwood Ave. N.

A persistent defender of Lennie keeps telling me on the back channel that Lennie has serious financial backing. And I keep saying Lennie needs to trot out his proofs, not just make grandiose verbal comparisons between himself and the great visionaries of history.


Anonymous said...

Oh great, its another freaking NON-HOMESTEAD property in Jordan. I doubt he lives there.

Johnny Northside said...

If nobody lived there, why would they deliver a PHONE BOOK?!!

(Sarcasm font)

Anonymous said...

the financial backing he is talking about is probably NorthPoint, which for some reason appears to be totally in the bag for this project and is turning a deaf ear to the people it is supposed to be concerned about.

one wonders what NorthPoint's real agenda is, since it certainly is not the health and well being of the residents in the area.

the contact person at NorthPoint is Stella Whitney-West:

Anonymous said...

Johnny are you criticizing Northpoint? Clarify your point.

Johnny Northside said...

That's not my post above yours. I merely approved the post. I do not post anonymously to my own blog.

Johnny Northside said...


If I post something, you can be sure I'll use capital letters where they belong.

Anonymous said...

Dude I would not go criticizig NorthPoint. They have served this community for over 40 years and is the largest employer in North Minneapolis. Now if Lennie Chism has gotten them as a backer of the Springboard Market that is tremendous. NorthPoint is a community rock. Speak up JNF or you just hating Lennie Chism. Be real clear.

Johnny Northside said...

But DOES Lennie have Northpoint as a backer? All he needs to do is open his mouth to say who his alleged/ purported/ supposed backer(s) are, but he won't do that. So are we all supposed to imagine, hopefully, that it's Northpoint just because somebody from Northpoint gave Lennie a little verbal support at the WHO meeting?

All Lennie seems to have FOR SURE is a decrepit building which has a hot date with a wrecking ball and his own hot air. Does he have Northpoint? If he does, let him open his big mouth and say so.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, we all know you post anonymously to your own blog whenever there is a controversial topic that you want to tip in the direction of your opinions. Give us a little more credit, please.

Anonymous said...


When you criticize Northpoint and encourage people to harass Stella Whitney-West, you will find out in very short order how you rank in the minds of Northsiders.

Then again, maybe that's not such a bad idea. Your act is beyond the point of being tired. Here's hoping you have to pick up and move again to another city.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell Lennie that you were going to harass and criticize him in your blog when you asked him to pose for a picture with you?

This, more than anything, says a LOT about your character.

Anonymous said...

Yes, John, are you just "hating Lennie"?

Sorry, I had to laugh at that.

If people who post these comments would take the time to READ before criticizing..

One - JNS (Where did JNF come from?) NEVER mentioned Northpoint in his post. That was another anonymous commenter.

Two - The Northpoint connection has never been confirmed.

Three - Johnny Northside is bringing pertinent information to the public by posting this. Seriously -- if you needed a new roof on your house, wouldn't you want to know if one of the potential contractors left HUGE GAPING HOLES in the last five houses they had done? Not saying the LC is a contractor. Please note, that was a *metaphor.*

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous @ July 22, 2009 6:31 PM

You sound like Jerry L Moore trying to build case. Didn't you see JNS's comment @ July 22, 2009 5:05 PM?

There are people who post that think this whole Lennie thing is -- well -- worth about as much as the Uncle Bill's site will be worth AFTER the city knocks down the building (spoiler alert -- it will be a negative number).

Anonymous said...

Just noticed this afternoon that the utilities are marked (with blue, green, & orange spray paint)on the street all around Uncle Bill's . . . I don't think those marks were there yesterday.

Johnny Northside said...

Some replies to posts above:

I do not post anonymously on my own blog.


Johnny Northside said...

To Anonymous at 12:32 a.m., that's very exciting about the blue marks.