Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lavender Magazine Will Highlight NoMi "Gayborhood" Trend..

Photos By John Hoff

Word comes via Facebook discussion that, in mid-August, Lavender Magazine will have an extensive write-up about North Minneapolis and how this rapidly-revitalizing neighborhood is becoming a "gayborhood." (A neighborhood known for having a large number of gay people; a gay neighborhood)

Lavender Magazine has already featured one great write-up about demographic changes in North Minneapolis and how NoMi is becoming increasingly attractive to gay home buyers, click here, but this coming article will apparently declare the trend to be deep and permanent.

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Jordan Neighbor said...


I say "Bring on the Gays!" All of them! Black, red, green, purple, white, yellow, big, small, pretty, ugly... I want them all here in NoMi.

I find my many gay neighbors to be the best of the best. The most energy, the most intelligent, the most ambitious, the most tolerant and accepting, the most interesting and... *cough* let's not even start to mention the home improvements, the yard work, the beautiful gardens, the artistic flare, the vibrant homes that are part of the gay community. Let's face it, they are good for our property values!

I am a straight person who is THRILLED to live in a "gayborhood"!

Johnny Northside said...

It's a beautiful day in the gayborhood!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jordan Neighbor, let's just say 'all gays are the same'.

Stereotyping is a lot easier than actually thinking before you write, isn't it?

Jordan Neighbor said...

Hey Anon - I'm just celebrating and complimenting - that's all.. lighten up a bit would ya?

Does celebrating our gayborhood get your panties all in a bunch or what???

Let's celebrate when we have the chance to celebrate!

((Like when buildings that have traumatized the neighborhood are kncoked down so as to never cause trauma again)) Let's celebrate our successes and victories.

booters said...

Yeah Anonymous, as a drunk derilict lesbian who beats her partner, I for one feel insulted that someone could dare make a positive correlation with the gay community.

veg*nation said...

What an honor for NoMi! And way to go, Lavender magazine--keeping up with the times!

Michael Spivak said...

Whoo! We so totally rule! I'm going to take credit for helping increase the average Kinsey score in the neighborhood just from moving in. :)