Sunday, July 12, 2009

NEWS AND EDITORIAL: City Council Candidates Kenya McKnight, Melissa Hill Seek Green Party Endorsement...

Photo By John Hoff

Word comes by a postcard from the 5th District Green Party, printed on 100 percent post-consumer waste, that two North Minneapolis political candidates are seeking an endorsement from the Green Party...

In the case of Kenya McKnight, she tried but failed to get a DFL endorsement, and now joins a long albeit not-so-illustrious line of folks who come crawling to the Green Party when things don't go their way with the big bad DFL, boo hoo hoo. The only thing more pathetic than "warmed up candidate leftovers" is the willingness of the 5th District Green Party to play this dysfunctional little game of chronically low self-esteem, apparently just to have a slate of candidates to run even if these candidates have little realistic chance of winning and very little to say about "Green Party values" prior to seeking endorsement.

Fifth District Green Party, say hello to the political endorsement equivalent of the one-night stand. 

In the case of Melissa Hill, she's running kind of a free-as-dirt Facebook campaign for public office, click here for her page. Though the Minneapolis Police Department has pulled off amazing, historic decreases in murder and crime, Hill's single issue appears to be the so-called "out of control" police department. Way to hitch your wagon to a single horse and then watch the horse drop dead, Ms. Hill. 

However, Hill's underdeveloped Facebook site is still superior to the website of Kenya McKnight, click here. As of this writing, McKnight's home page is still discussing the 5th Ward DFL convention which was, like, months ago.

The Green Party membership meeting to consider the endorsements of Hill and McKnight (as well as some dude named Ken Lawrence, Ward 7) will take place Saturday, July 18, 2009 at the Sumner Library, 611 Van White Memorial Blvd, Minneapolis. Take note that location is on the #19 and #7 bus lines.

Ooooh. A polar bear stamp was on the postcard. 

I wonder if they picked that on purpose?

God, I love my Green Party despite its many flaws.

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