Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Inside The Spiffy New Capri Theatre On West Broadway...Such A Contrast With SOME Buildings On West Broadway!

Photos By John Hoff

I missed the grand opening of the Capri Theatre on West Broadway some months back, but other media had it covered, of course. Last weekend's Art FLOW event was the first opportunity I had to go inside the refurnished, revamped, restored and REALLY NICE Capri Theatre. This is the building where Prince played in 1979 and, soon after, put the Minneapolis music scene on the radar of the world. It could happen again, right here in NoMi.

Right now, West Broadway is a study in contrasts. There are buildings undergoing intensive renovation and then there are, well, buildings like the ones that belong to slumlord Keith Reitman, click here.

It's obvious which way the trend is heading, but some people are slowing down the trend.

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Anonymous said...

A tangential question: is Keith Reitman affiliated with Bill McGaughey, perennial slumlord-rights activist and current mayoral candidate?

Anonymous said...

Check this out, North Minneapolis will be hard hit, could north minneapolis become a victim to the swine flu this coming Fall?


Johnny Northside said...

It's my understand both Keith and Bill are "slumlord buddies" and both members of some group that advocates for, well, slumlord rights which is called the Minneapolis Property Rights Action Committee. (See landlordpolitics.com)

The way I heard it, it's a case of "birds of a feather" who "flock together."

Anonymous said...

Lenny Chism really outdid himself on this project.

Ranty said...

BTW if anybody knows who painted that piece on the wall there, please share. I love it.

The Goddess of Glass said...

The painting on the wall is a gift to PCYC and the Capri Theater from the Northside Arts Collective. They were very generous in giving us our first home in 2006 practically free! The painting is called "Broadway Boogie" and is by a NoMi artist named Christopher Harrison. He also did the piece on the side of the Emerge Building on Emerson and Broadway.
Connie M. Beckers
Executive Director
Northside Arts Collective