Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JACC Defamation Suit Dismissed, Defendants To Get Some Attorney Fees...

Um, Looks Like We Owe The Defendants Some Attorney Fees

Word comes by a Facebook posting about the much-anticipated ruling in the "JACC defamation case" which involved defendants Anne McCandless, Megan Goodmundson, and Dennis Wagner being sued by Jordan Neighborhood Village Idiot Ben Myers.

(Parody alert)

This case has been very hard on Mama Sweetums, the dear sweet mother it is my great misfortune to share with public figure Ben Myers, who was a plaintiff in this stupid and wrongheaded legal excercise in being, well, STUPID AND WRONGHEADED.

Brother Ben, I just want you to know that an hour ago Mama drank enough original formula Nyquil to kill a musk ox and then went into a Michael Jackson-like coma when she heard the news about how the defendants will be getting some attorney fees, because she knows as surely as God made apples-for-Snapple that you'll be trying to hit her up for money and suggesting yet another mortgage on the double wide trailer...

(Parody un-alert, this part is reality or at least my opinon)

The only question in my mind, Ben Myers, is whether your attorney Kristi McNeilly is out on bail after allegedly smacking her father with a candlestick and losing one of her teeth in the altercation so she probably looks like the scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz in pinstriped drag, now.

So, Ben, did YOU know about the torrid affair McNeilly was allegedly having with a client? Or were you not THAT close to her, and completely ignorant about THAT, as you appear to be completely ignorant about, oh gee, the subtle niceties of Rule 21 as it applies to licensed attorneys in the state of Minnesota and NOT suing people who file complaints?

God help you now that this case is dismissed and Patrick Burns of the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board has you in his sights, as evidenced by his presence in the court room during one of the hearings. Is it any wonder you skip paying the property taxes on your house? Maybe you think it's only a matter of time before somebody else owns it.

So. Yeah. About the ruling here.

Well, when I get a copy of the PDF file I will share it on this website, ho hum.

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