Friday, July 24, 2009

Merwin's "Butt Fence" Re-Christened "Butt Wall," No Other Progress Apparent...

Photo By John Hoff, prior to fence removal

I reported some time back on apparent progress with the Merwin's "butt fence" situation, and talk of modifications in progress to prevent the chronic loitering by druggies and inebriates. Unfortunately...

...there isn't much new progress to report. In fact, arguably, things have gotten worse because Merwin's removed the fence portion of the "butt fence" but then they didn't modify further.

Now the no-accounts who perpetually hang around don't have to climb over the fence or walk ALL THE WAY around when they get a notion to toddle over to Merwins and buy some MD 20/20 or whatever it is no-accounts drink. No, they can just step over the wall and make a beeline to front door of the liquor store. How convenient! Truly, things have gone from bad to paradise. That is to say...BUTT FENCE PARADISE.

It makes me want to compose a little parody song about Living In A Butt Fence Paradise, click here for a model of THAT. But I can't call this feature the "butt fence" anymore, because now the fence portion is gone, leaving only the wall.

Therefore, it is my sad duty to re-christen the feature in question "The Merwins Butt Wall." Let the phrase "butt fence" no longer linger upon our lips, because it's now called THE BUTT WALL.


Way to go, Merwins. Way to feign progress and then dilly-dally and fail to follow through. When the crowds of people come for Art FLOW this weekend, they will be treated to the first impressions made by your NASTY BUTT WALL at the busy intersection of Lyndale Ave. N. and West Broadway.

You suck, Merwins Liquor.


Anonymous said...

Very true and sad. I just came back from over that way and the wall was loaded with butts.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Merwin's intent may be, but it sounded earlier like they were trying to work with the neighborhood and city.

Has anyone considered the idea that before they can change the structure to eliminate the "butt fence" they must first take the fence down? These things don't happen overnight--especially when it is commercial property and city permits must be obtained and contractors hired, etc.

Give it a little space and see what happens before being so quick to condemn.

Johnny Northside said...

Considering they've been "dragging ass" all these years, I don't have a problem with making criticisms over their non-existent progress, particularly when their "butt wall" was loaded with no-account people during FLOW, arguably the most important event of the year when our neighborhood is on display.

Let me reiterate: Merwins Liquor, you suck.

Jordan Neighbor said...

@Anon 928: Merwin's took the fence part of the Butt Fence down about a month ago, and we've been waiting for them to replace it with the new style fence that will be erected right from the ledge of the cement blocks, instead of about 8 inches back ( -into the dirt)this 8inches is what gives a nice space to rest one's butt.

For over a month we've been waiting for the fence to be replaced. But no progress there.

Proud2liveinjordan said...

Fence truck is currently at Merwins 10:44 am 7.28.09 appears to be putting up fence