Friday, July 31, 2009

Friedman's Is Getting A Facelift On West Broadway...

Photo by John Hoff

Yet more renovation is happening on West Broadway. Friedman's at 400 West Broadway is getting all spiffed up. The renovation ball is really rolling along NoMi's main commercial corridor. It was only a short while ago I was writing about some improvements nearby at the obscure Asian grocery where I found fresh durian fruit.

It seems like once the renovation ball starts rolling, it gains mass...kind of like when you mow your lawn, and then you hear your neighbor fire up HIS lawn mower!

What a shame SOME West Broadway businessmen don't follow the trend and spiff up the exterior of their buildings. You know who you are, click here.

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K said...

I actually bought a pair of shoes there a few weeks ago - New Balance to be precise. That place has scared the crap out of me for years since it looked to dumpy, but I finally got up the nerve to go inside. It looked kind of dumpy inside too, but the Friedman's are wonderful people - some of the best service I've ever received, good prices and a great pair of shoes that actually fit. I'll be going back.

Johnny Northside said...

It seems like some business owners aren't aware of what that "scary and dumpy from the outside" look does to potential customers.

Take, for example, the "durian fruit store" right next door. Several of my friends took it to be a scary, drug infested "inconvenience store." I went inside and found a little piece of China, not advertising itself.

1915bung said...

I really hope that Freidman's considers taking down the neon sale fliers from their windows that obscure what appears to be a vibrant legitimate business and replacing the faded Plexiglas on their vintage sign.

It's ironic that our community is trying so hard to recruit businesses like this while the few we have are under wraps.