Sunday, July 19, 2009

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Officer Mark Klukow Brings Victory To NoMi, Wins One Man Minneapolis Pageant...

Last night in the jam-packed Pantages Theater, Officer Mark Klukow brought a victory back for NoMi when he beat a crowded field of strong contenders and won the "One Man Minneapolis" man pageant. Each of the men represented a charity. Klukow represented the Peace Foundation, headquartered in North Minneapolis and run by Sondra Samuels, the wife of Fifth Ward City Councilman Don Samuels.

This video--shot without a tripod using somebody else's camera, my apologies--shows the moment when Klukow was announced as the winner. Mayor Rybak pointed out that here in Minneapolis, we don't just consider whether a man is good looking, we also ask what they are giving back to their community.

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