Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photos, Fire At 2610 Newton Ave. N.

Photos By John Hoff

Here are images of the fire at 2610 Newton Ave. N., a former problem property in the Jordan Neighborhood which blazed up early this morning. From top to bottom...

This photo of damaged siding doesn't show fire damage. This problem with the siding was present BEFORE the fire. In the second photo, Neighborserve boards up the building. Note the white-trimmed decorative boards.

Next two photos, details of the fire damage. The second-to-last photo shows an interior closet with clothing piled up three feet high, seen from the side door. In the last photo, detail of the incredibly overgrown grass in the yard. I personally made a number of 311 calls on this property, including calls about the tall grass. I assume any letters from the City of Minneapolis went up in the blaze.

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