Monday, July 27, 2009

Artists Of Northside Art FLOW...

Photos By John Hoff

What would an Art FLOW be without artists? Though I mostly concentrated on food and free alcoholic beverages, I had a chance to meet four artists at this weekend's Northiside Art FLOW, and see art from many others.

In the top photo, Hmong artist Yer Yang displays...

...a traditional form of Hmong embroidery called a "story cloth." In the second photo, Rakhi Singh Bisen stands in front of some of her drawings, which were on display inside The Bean Scene. In the bottom photo, music and spoken-word artist Tish Jones, click here for her MySpace.

Though I didn't snap a picture, I also met Steve Claypatch of Ascension Art. One thing he does is to put cremated pet remains inside glass paperweights, as a kind of memorial. The ashes are known as "cremains."


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veg*nation said...

i LOVE that quilt!