Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where To Get Your NoMi Sticker...

Photo By John Hoff

Since I often talk about the NoMi branding effort in North Minneapolis, I'm sometimes asked where to get a NoMi sticker. Until recently, I had to admit I didn't know. Fortunately, when I made the inquiry through Facebook, Realtor and historical home preservationist Connie Nompelis (No-buhl-iss, it's Greek) came through.

If you want a NoMi sticker, just email

You can also make contact through

Of course, if you do either of these things, you'll be told the following: send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to J. Breeggeman, 3900 Dupont Ave. Mpls, MN 55412. Say how many stickers you want, but limit 3. 

In the photo above, Brian "Thong Master" Mondl of the band "WATSON" holds up the NoMi sticker which now adorns one of the band's drums.

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Anonymous said...

North Minneapolis

How many generations of North Minneapolis residents will it take to prove North Minneapolis residents are peaceful and courageous?
Find me a church in North Minneapolis without a host of miracles.
The grass grows greener there. Traffic is isolated to West Broadway.
What will it take for us to be a part. Or will we always be apart, on our own…

There is nothing wrong north of Glenwood Avenue, north of Olson Memorial Highway,
north of Plymouth Avenue.
Except that you won’t venture there…

Peace has come to North Minneapolis.
Why not you?

Sample the garden: “peace”