Saturday, July 11, 2009

A case statement for the Northside

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:


Johnny Northside said...

For technical reasons too tedious to explore, I am putting my text here instead of in the post itself.

This is the slide show discussed in my previous blog entry. Don Allen found it on the internet and told a bunch of folks on Facebook about a week ago. Today I thought, huh, I should put that on my blog. I mean, since it's on the internet where Don can find it, and it sure does relate to NoMi, which is the focus of this blog.

Evan Reminick said...

John, Don Allen, etc.: The link to the NMTF case statement went to a LinkedIn page for Angie Arner, my talented employee at Amalgam. Our firm prepared the case statement for NMTF. Hate to be a buzz kill, put I had Angie pull the thing down. Reason being it's an older draft, not the final version NMTF approved enthusiastically. As you're no doubt aware, Amalgam cannot be in the business of releasing its client's stuff to the public . . . and if NMTF members see this, please accept my apologies for this slip. Angie's intent was to share the work she was doing with some professional peers.

That said, I hope someone at the NMTF will contact JNS and put the final version back up. It's a good document, but it's growing old just sitting on the shelf. It needs to get out into the public consciousness so it can do some good and return the investment of time and money made by NMTF and its funder for the endeavor, the Northside Housing Fund.

Johnny Northside said...

Evan, it looks to me like this is still "captured" in the blog since I can click on the Forward button and view it, but of course that doesn't provide any level of detail. I assume if you took it down the link is dead in the other post, now.

If it's a HUGE problem, I'll take it down but for now and I'm open to hearing about that, but for now it was found on the internet fair and square by Don Allen, shared widely in a Facebook discussion, and found its way to me. I think the stuff is TERRIFIC, old draft or not.

Evan Reminick said...

John, I also left a note with Don Allen letting him know I'd pulled the draft case statement. If it's somehow "captured" and still visible, so be it. It's generally futile to try to "put the genie back in the bottle" when it comes to leaked documentation. As a current public affairs hand, that can be problematic. But as a former journalist, it means the universe is in its proper alignment. That note I sent to Don -- it ended with a compliment on his digging up the document in the first place. No hard feelings on my part for good reporting on your part!

Jordan Neighbor said...

Dear NMTF,

I am a resident and lover of NoMi - I am your constituency - you are working on behalf of me.

With that said, PLEAE RELEASE THE FINAL VERSION that is referred to be Evan.

Please do what you need to do to get your act(s) together and release the work,release the efforts, do something!

This is a kind, gentle request.

I'm hoping you will release the work... Thanks in advance!