Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Important North News Story On UROC Is Only Available On The Flesh Of Dead Trees...

Photo By John Hoff

In the Name of Blogia, The All-Seeing, All-Revealing Goddess Of The Blogosphere...

I love North News, but they're killing me with their archaic "dead tree medium." Though North News is online, they don't appear to put ALL their stories online. This week, there is a particularly important story about U of M's UROC on the front page...

The story begins this way:

University of Minnesota, meet North Minneapolis.

Oops, try again.

And again...

The story is three pages long, full of amazing content, and (as of this moment) only available in the archaic dead tree format. My friend and fellow blogger Don Allen said he'd call North News and push to get the story online, but for now...check to see if it's stuffed in a chain link fence near you!


Anonymous said...

I've checked all the chain link fences in my immediate area in S Florida and can't find a copy anywhere.

Here's hoping Don Allen is a good arm-twister.

DLW said...

Hey Johnny,
Here is a different point of view on the dead trees issue:
A. Not everyone has a computer or knowledge of how to chase things down on the internet.
B. My computer is not portable, its hard to read Blogs etc, in the bathroom during constitutional time.
C. Even if the Article was in stone, it was still a good article, lets not argue the media it was printed on.
D. I talked to one of the reporters a couple of days ago, and told her they could end up being "Jane/John Doe" in a law suit!
E. Paper is getting old and dated, but it still has its purpose, look at it this way, there are a lot more things in electrons on a day to day, than paper.
PS: To S. Florida, (My x-neighbor I presume) I'll try to remember to scan the article and send it to you. I think Johnny is just a little jealous!

Johnny Northside said...

It is a good article. That's why it should be on the internet.

Anonymous said...

You got the right neighbor DLW

Johnny Northside said...

The fact you have perform all the work of scanning and sending shows why the dead-tree-only format is inferior.

But it sure does show how you're a great (former) neighbor.

Guynmpls said...

In a neighorhood with quite a few senior citizens without computers...I think the paperformat still has it's place. Escpecially in our "hood".

Johnny Northside said...


It would appear that, through lobbying and pushing from Don Allen, North News got this important story online. Maybe they were going to get it online anyway, but I think pushing made it happen a bit faster.

Here's the story:

Jordan Neighbor said...

Or here without the facebook stuff: