Wednesday, July 8, 2009

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: "True JACC" Plaintiff Lawsuit Brief In PDF Form...

Photo By John Hoff, January 14, 2009

A ruling is expected any day, literally any hour or any bloody minute in the "True JACC" lawsuit to determine the fate of the Jordan neighborhood. Will the "New Majority" continue in power or (and this would probably only happen in the "bizarro universe") will Ben Myers' "Old Majority" be returned to power, now with the utility bills all paid?

Judge Charles Porter indicated he would rule on this matter around the Fourth of July, however...

It would appear a brief from the plaintiffs was filed later than expected (June 22 instead of June 17) which may be one reason for the delay. The discussion about when the brief should have been filed is contained in the documents themselves. And where can you read these juicy documents? Only on Johnny Northside Dot Com, dear readers.

So click here for the "Johnny Northside PDF support site" and the "True JACC" documents. The fascinating plaintiff brief is best enjoyed on a hot summer day with a big, cold glass of Kool Aid.

I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

Another ruling that is expected right now, at any bloody minute is the FIRST defamation suit... Myers v. Wagner, Goodmundson and McCandless.

That is, a ruling on defendant's motion to DISMISS...

See, that motion (to dismiss) was heard by Judge Howard on December 3, 2008. A few weeks later, Howard decided to recuse himself from deciding on the case, even though he had already heard the motion to dismiss (highly unusual to recuse after starting hearings). So right at beginning of January, Judge Porter was assigned to hear/decide on this motion. A phone conference was scheduled with the attorneys to review the docs that had been argues in front of Howard.

THEN... in mid-January, Old JACC Majority members went sue happy and started suing everyone in sight. Hennepin County Court system was trying to assign the TRO to SOMEBODY.. but each Judge that got 'tagged' recused, recused, recused... 7 or 8 or maybe 9 times until it landed on Judge Porter's desk. And Judge Porter stuck with it. Now Judge Porter has two lawsuits with Myers v. .... (the world)

Coincidence??? Me thinks not.

It will be interesting to see what Judge gets the Moore v. Hoff, Allen case.... I think I have a good guess.

Anonymous said...

Sadly this comment has absolutely nothing to do with the post above...
I just wanted to say that it is because of this blog that I made the decision to move my home search from south to north Minneapolis. I was truly inspired by all of the great things happening in the area. As a new resident of north Minneapolis, I’ve begun seeing NOMI stickers on cars recently and I want in on the action. Where can I get one? I’ll pay good money...and by "good" I mean five bucks or less. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

After reading the plaintiffs' filing, it amazes me how many versions of "the truth" there are.

Johnny Northside said...

To the person who wants the NoMi sticker...I am going to post about how to do that, but for now I'll just say ask Realtor Connie Nompelis, who has the email address and mailing address to obtain those stickers. Her blog is on my blog roll, "Over North" and the Healy house blog.

I have to run or I'd be more help right this sec...but I know I need to get the word out about how folks can get those stickers.

Anonymous said...

"Defendants ignore, entirely, Miller’s cross examination. He admitted that the 91% would assume that all salaries were “administration.” Evidence that Plaintiffs offered (Affidavit of Brian Smith, testimony of Ben Myers) that Jerry Moore spent 50-60% of his time on programming, was unrebutted by Defendants.
Further, Miller acknowledged that even if it was 91% - that reasonable people could disagree about whether that was an inappropriate amount.
There is no “law” at Defendants suggest, that requires a non-profit to keep administrative costs to a particular level."

What did these guys think? That it was okay to perform a hostile takeover of a neighborhood organization for their own personal agenda?

being elected into office as a board member during a past election to a PNP board, hardly gives you the right to make-up/change the rules as you go along.

I have come to the personal decision that it's no longer a question as to wheter these two individuals are immoral. I have come to believe that they're both amoral.

Johnny Northside said...

Kindly take note of the fact I approved your comment and I have ALWAYS approved substantive comments that may not agree with my stated position. For the record.

But on that note...

Really, it's up to the judge at this point, isn't it? And I wouldn't bet a wooden nickel on the "Old Majority" and their case.

But we shall see.

Jordan Neighbor said...

To Anonymous @ 104pm

Q: **What did these guys think? That it was okay to perform a hostile takeover of a neighborhood organization for their own personal agenda?**

A: No, actually, the residents of the neighborhood thought it was not only okay but NECESSARY to take over teh neighborhood organization (hostility didn't come until time to terminate Moore for fist fighting) but that the takeover was for the GOOD of the neighborhood - that was the agenda - the GOOD of the neighborhood.

So, yeah, it's okay.

Johnny Northside said...

Here's the URL to my blog post with the earlier defendants' brief, for comparison.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above: It is NOT rocket science what J Moore and his buddies did with ALL THAT MONEY. If the legal system does work; they'd be locked up 'till the cows came home. J Moore and buddies got use to spending the MONEY the way THEY wanted to and not for what it was given for. J Moore should be "Audited" on what he did with the money, let alone NOT paying the bills like the utility bill...that, Anonymous, speaks volumes of J Moore's integrity, let alone character...he has NO conscious as to what he has done....he is such a criminal I can not believe that the City of MN lets him walk around on the streets hood winking any organization that comes along. I am sure he talks a good talk, just doesn't do the walk. J Moore's reputation now preceeds him where ever he goes within MN...he needs a fresh start hood winking some other city and state.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1:04:
List the successes of Mr. Moore's and the old board's tenure?

How did they make the neighborhood better?

Anonymous @ 9:14 PM (Because I don't want to be sued!)

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous @ 1:04:
List the successes of Mr. Moore's and the old board's tenure?"

In my opinion, there weren't any. Please read the post carefully again. The hostile takeover attempt, in my opinion, was when the old majority refused to leave when they were voted off the island.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while, but I finally got around to reading the plaintiff's reply.

My only wish was that it was LONGER. A manifesto this crazy, sloppy ("Item #17: That Jerry Moore did not pay the boils"), and hilarious needs to be more than ten pages. Come on, the defense gave us almost fifty pages of juicy tidbits.

I can only conclude that there is some clandestine Comic Relief Legal Defense Fund that pays Jill Clark's bills. How else does she stay in business?