Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gay 90s Shooting Incident Suspect Lives In North Minneapolis, Or Maybe He Doesn't...

Stock photo, Combat Outpost Arian, Afghanistan, blog post by John Hoff

Don Buddie Austin, DOB 5/27/92, is one of two idiots charged in a shooting incident near the Gay 90s bar in downtown, as reported in a Star Tribune article, click here.

This blog didn't pay any attention to that incident when it happened because it wasn't in North Minneapolis. But recently I was looking through the Hennepin County jail roster and I noticed Austin listed a North Minneapolis address...

...specifically 627 Russell Ave. N., a home owned by Angela D. Snerlling. However, a completely different address is listed on the criminal complaint, (click here to view it, it's a spectacular account of the aftermath of the shooting as far as these dry documents go) lists his address as 401 4th Ave. S.

Snerlling is apparently the mother of Dan Buddie Austin, as evidenced by this United States District Court Memorandum and Order, click here, where one Angela Snerlling sued on behalf of her minor son identified by his initials "DBA." The lawsuit says, in substance, DBA wasn't getting the education he should have while in juvenile detention. At least as far as this memorandum was concerned, the claims in the lawsuit failed.

Austin remains in jail with bail set at half a million dollars.

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Anonymous said...

What was the outcome of the lawsuit about education?

And what an interesting discussion. He has access to education before he broke the law. And then has the nerve to complain about the education he is or is not getting while doing his time?

Wow. Just wow.