Monday, October 29, 2012

Deonate NMN Anderson Was Allegedly Involved In Brooklyn Center Shooting, Lists North Minneapolis "Mailing Address" On Jail Roster...

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Deonte Anderson, DOB 11/25/84, is sitting in the Hennpin County Jail right now where he has been since May 15. According to the jailhouse roster, Anderson lists 1816 Freemont (sic) Avenue North as his mailing address. The city listed in "Minneapolis" though, interestingly, the roster lists an Eagan zip code of 55122.

How often do the jail personnel who put this information into the roster have to take drug tests? (Sarcasm font) I'm just wondering aloud, here, just a random unconnected thought. (End sarcasm font)

I recently obtained a copy of Anderson's criminal indictment over the shooting allegations, click here for a copy. According to the complaint...

...a witness identified as AMB said Anderson is the ex-boyfriend of her sister, AML. On the evening of May 15, 2012, Anderson reportedly called several times and said he was coming over. There is a history of domestic violence between AML and Anderson.

A short time later the sister, AMB, saw Anderson walking down the hallway of the apartment, casually holding a handgun with a scope. AMB ran into the apartment and Anderson followed her inside, where he went into the back bedroom and struck a male houseguest whose initials are KGW. Trying to assist KGW, the sister AMB shoved KGW out of the bedroom. But this left Anderson alone in the bedroom with a guy named GMD.

The complaint doesn't state who, exactly, GMB is but if I had to guess it was a boyfriend of AML or somebody Anderson SUSPECTED of being a boyfriend. Anderson shot GMB in the upper back, the bullet exiting out the upper chest and causing a collapsed lung. GMB ran out of the apartment, bleeding. The apartment was 101, located at 6819 Humboldt Ave. N.

Apparently having made his point, Anderson left, getting into a ran vehicle. Officers arriving on the scene saw the tan vehicle leaving and some officers pursued the vehicle. As officers caught up with the vehicle the driver, a female, pulled over and got out. Anderson scooched over to the driver's side and drove away at a "high rate of speed." Officers pursued "several miles." Anderson crashed the vehicle but wasn't done fleeing. He ran away but was caught on "a nearby roof top." Anderson was positively identified as the guy who did all those bad things, allegedly.

He is charged with first degree assault, second degree assault, and fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle. Why the complaint doesn't show an additional charge of fleeing police by means OTHER than a motor vehicle is a mystery to me, but I say send him ALL THE WAY down the river, don't stop in River City and sing about how he's in trouble with a capital T.

The criminal complaint lists Anderson's address as 993 Oriole Drive, Apple Valley, MN but I'm more interested in that "mailing address" and what's behind that. According to city property records, 1816 Fremont (note the spelling) Ave. N. is an apartment building. It is owned Common Space Co-op and the taxpayer is PPL Fremont Flats LLC.

Jail roster addresses are not always truthful, but it's always very interesting to see what addresses are claimed by denizens of the jail. Seldom is there no connection whatsoever with the property in question. A mugshot website shows what this guy looks like and, interestingly, also lists his location as being from "Eagan." This is what happens when somebody doesn't care what kind of data is put into the roster. The error propagates all over the internet. 

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The shooting victim in this case Giovanni Dotts is now in Hennepin County jail for murder. Great choice for his new lease on life after surviving the shooting.