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Van Travis Bailey Accused Of Women's Bathroom "Wine Glass Smashed To Face" Assault At Gay 90s Bar...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Van Travis Bailey, DOB 5/24/85, is accused of a bizarre assault in the women's bathroom of the Gay 90s bar in downtown Minneapolis. According to a criminal complaint, click here for a copy, a woman whose initials are AM is from Farmington, Minnesota, and went downtown with her female friend MO who promised to show her a good time.

At about 2:20 in the morning on April 22, it was time to leave the bright lights of Minneapolis and head back to Farmington. Better use the bathroom before the long drive back. AM and MO went into the ladies bathroom. Bailey tried to enter the bathroom...

At this point I should say criminal complaints are not told in story form. Sometimes they leave out essential details that would be important to a story, but don't really matter legally and so don't make it into the complaint. One would like to know what Bailey's relationship was to the women. Had he been talking to AM all night? Was he just some random freak with a drunken, late night notion that he's going to get lucky by going where all the ladies are, namely the ladies room?

The criminal complaint doesn't say. I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining.

So here's Bailey trying to enter the ladies room and AM was all, like, you can't come in here. Bailey became "frantic and aggressive" and said he "had to find his girlfriend." Bailey tried to "lean into" the ladies room and speak to the other girl, MO. After MO walked out of the bathroom, Bailey told AM, "Your girlfriend is a bitch."

At this point, AM pushed Bailey away from MO. One imagines Bailey and MO, who Bailey had alleged to be a bitch, were having words at this point but the complaint doesn't say.

At this point another male asked Bailey, "You gonna let a girl do that to you?"

The Good Book says "Blessed are the peacemakers" but the peacemakers weren't at Gay 90s bar that night, just this random instigator whose name isn't in the complaint and who disappeared after stirring up a volatile situation. In response to the man's words, Bailey took a wine glass cupped in his hand and smashed it into AM's face.

Bailey cut his own hand when the wine glass broke, but not as badly as he cut AM. Reportedly she needed 100 stitches for her face and is schedule for plastic surgery. One of the cuts stretches from her left eye to her lip.

Bailey has, in the words of the criminal complaint, "a significant history of violence and dishonest conduct." He has been convicted of domestic assault, terroristic threats, and felony theft by swindle. He was convicted of third degree assault after breaking the nose of a man outside Market BBQ in Minneapolis. He has several "assault related" arrests in South Dakota, where he should have stayed. He was actually in custody in a separate case when the criminal complaint in this case was issued.

Bailey lists his address as 1240 Thomas Ave. N., Apartment 104. The address is the location of Homewood Apartments, and witnessed the city's 22nd homicide in 2010. 

Click here for coverage this blog provided on that story. 

The address appears frequently on my jail roster. Others whose names appear on the jail roster who have reported this place as their address include Ebony Pearl Dillard, Cecil Lionel Ashley, and Zandria Louis Riser.

Homewood Apartments are owned by Homewood Ltd Partnership.

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Johnny Northside! said...

This article, when originally published, misspelled Van Travis Bailey's last name as "Baily." It is, in fact, "Bailey."

The blog post has been corrected as of today.