Monday, October 29, 2012

Stop Dumping All The Level Three Sex Offenders In North Minneapolis (As Expressed By Punk Parody Song)

YouTube embed by JohnnyHoffa (same as this blogger) blog post by John Hoff

It was more than a year ago when I threw this song together along with some friends, not the least friendly of which was 100 proof alcohol, at least. It's a song about the unreasonable concentration of Level Three sex offenders (L3SOs) in North Minneapolis and a demand that our government officials (the Department of Corrections or DOC) stop allowing it.

The song is done in a punk parody style, and if you can't make out the words, well, here they are...

(Speaking portion)

Spanky Creep, take 13. Oh, this is the lucky one. 

This song is dedicated to the hard working public servants of the Minnesota Department of Corrections. And when I say "servants" I mean that in a completely non-bondage sort of way. Those who put on the polo shirt with the little embroidered badge. We're glad you have your name on the polo shirt so we can mention you on our blogs...

(Singing portion)

Most of the time coppers are not my friends, but when it comes to spanky wankers, RUN THEM IN! This is what the DOC's got to know, no more L3SO's.

Most of the time I like a little spanky wanky, but I don't like MINORS with my hanky panky! This is what the DOC's got to know, no more L3SO's.

I like a high class joint with swanky meat, but I don't wanna sit across from Spanky Creep! This is what the DOC's got to know, no more L3SO's.

(Political rant portion)

What's the problem with our nation, what's with this CHIMO (child molester) concentration?

You understand that in North Minneapolis 55411 zip code, we have the highest concentration of Level Three Sex Offenders. This despite a state statute that is supposed to prevent the dumping of CHILD MOLESTERS all in one place. Yet in the poorest and statistically youngest neighborhood in Minnesota, we are inundated with dangerous predatory perverts being systematically housed by absentee slumlords, preying on vulnerable youth lacking parental supervision.

We are crying out to DOC and saying we aren't going to take this anymore. Now comes my legal disclaimer. I wrote this song for my political faction to procure favorable government action. You SLAPP me, I'll slap you back!

(Singing again)

This is what the DOC's got to know, no more L3S0's. No more L3SO's.

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Anonymous said...

This is so true, move them somewhere else. A few years ago, I stayed off of Golden Valley Rd & Upton. I would literally be followed by men in car at night, when ill be coming from the bus (14) walking home. They live all up & down Golden Valley.