Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Car Versus Building Took Out Ceci's African Hair Braiding On September 17, Building Is Still Down For The Count...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

According to information available on social media, on or about September 17 at about 6 pm, a car ran another car off the street and into the building at 1223 Lowry Ave. NE (at the intersection of Fremont and Lowry) scoring a direct hit on the business called Ceci's African Hair Braiding. Word is the accident produced injuries. A major street closure resulted until the building could be....

....assessed and shored up. As of today, the building is still closed down and surrounded by scaffolding, as shown in a photo taken yesterday.

This stretch of Lowry has been changing rapidly in recent years, with the "crap hole" building at Lowry and Logan recently being demolished and the E&L Grocery store burning to the ground. Word is the E&L grocery will be replaced by a new and impressive structure that is currently in the planning phase.

The building at 1223 Lowry Ave. NE is reportedly owned by Gary Wold. He has been described in positive terms by at least one neighborhood leader. However, online city records list the owner as Debra Tomfohrde.

Ceci's African Hair Braiding is listed online as having an address at 1225 Lowry Ave. N., however, that address does not exist in city records and review of Google street views appears to show Ceci's as the "beauty shop" witnesses describe as being taken out by the car.

Johnny Northside blog is hopeful this situation with the scaffold won't continue through the entire winter and fixes will come soon.

(CORRECTION, October 13. Post was corrected based on updated information about reported owner of the building)

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