Monday, October 8, 2012

JNS Blog Poses Questions To Higgins And Yang About Level Three Sex Offender Concentration In North Minneapolis...

Creative stock photo, somewhere in South Carolina, I think, blog post by John Hoff

Ask this blogger what is the most pressing issue facing North Minneapolis and I will tell you it's the concentration of Level Three Sex Offenders in my neighborhood. The reason this issue ranks so high is because it has the potential to impact the most vulnerable and valuable citizens in my neighborhood; small children whose whole productive life is ahead of them.

Also, unlike some really big issues like crime, or the need to stabilize neighborhoods with more homeowners and not so many slumlords, or any of half a dozen issues, the L3SO concentration issue is relatively easy to tweak. With a few memos, high-ranking public officials could say stuff like, "When a citizen sends an email to a supervisor at the Department of Corrections, asking what the curfew is for Peter 'Spanky Pete' Rickmyer, that citizen deserves a prompt and specific answer, damn it."

Oh, wait. Draft that letter again. Drop "damn it."

That's why these folks get the big public official bucks instead of the small blogger bucks.

Or, perhaps, a few memos could be written saying stuff like...

"You know all those specific conditions the L3SOs have to abide by? Like their curfew times and not being allowed on the internet, and stuff like that? Yeah, why can't that stuff be on a website with the other offender information?" These officials might even force the Department of Corrections to define what is too much concentration? For example, three sex offenders all living in one house? Half a dozen within an area of a few small blocks? Is THAT concentration?

I would like to know the specific thoughts of the two candidates running for Hennepin County Commissioner, Linda Higgins and Blong Yang. (Is there a Republican running? He or she can chime in at any point but it's not like that's even relevant in this district)

So, a few moments ago, I sent an email to Blong Yang and submitted my question on the website of Linda Higgins. Here is what I asked.

If elected, what would you do about the issue of North Minneapolis having a disproportionately large number of Level Three Sex Offenders living in our neighborhood? Is there anything you in your role can do, or is it really up to somebody else? If somebody else, who? Or do you not see any problem with the situation as it currently exists?

Whoever replies with what I consider to be the best answer to this question gets the endorsement of this blog. It's just that simple.

I could go into a lot of stuff about how I feel about Yang, how I feel about Higgins, the good qualities each brings to the table and all of that. But at the end of the day, we've got an occupying army of dangerous sex offenders in our neighborhood and something needs to be done about that. I want to know which potential candidate for county commissioner offers the best leadership on this issue. 


The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

There is no Republican on the ballot, FYI. The County Commissioner elections are non-partisan, so the top two candidates from the primary move on to the general election. Even if, as is the case here, they are both DFLers.

Anonymous said...

In mentioning children, do you have data, is it public data you can obtain, about released offenders - which have records of pedophilia and which have other MO patterns? If not individualized data, do you know aggregate numbers? And do you have any recidivism data of any kind, those in north metro, those elsewhere, those in total released since 2000, for instance?

Anonymous said...

JNS doesn't have crap. He just likes to whine about sex offenders because he knows it's a hot button issue and brings readers to his blog, which is all he really cares about.

Anonymous said...

the guy at 11:11am is an anonymous genius to have arrived at that deduction and.... now back to Romper Room.

Anonymous said...

Hey, any moron knows JNS is just a media whore who loves attention.

Johnny Northside! said...


Johnny Northside! said...

A comment has been rejected which featured a "what I'd like to do to child molesters" fantasy. Keep it within bounds, readers.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 654pm (cough jimwatkins cough cough)

What you fail to realize is that it's not necessarily about whether L3SOs have a xyz recidivism rate or not ( i don't even care if i spelled that word right or not)

it's the fact that they are concentrated here, in such great quantities, that keeps the GOOD folks away. Period.

It deters young homeowners from buying here ( and helping turn this place around)

It makes people with the means to move desire to move away when the time comes to have children/raise families.

It permanently scars the area and solidifies it as "the dumping ground".

Did you know that in the very early 1900s as the city was being planned and mapped out, that the north side literally had the words "coloreds" and "negros" written into the planning maps.

And now, 100+ years later it still appears the city, county and state consider this area to be the designated zone for the undesirables.

Even though there is a law against that.

I say we sue.

David Benz said...

Just what a ridiculously unprofessional (nont to mention ungrammatical) system to term a bunch of queries for a candidate! Anyway, John, you ought to anxiety more details on exactly how your very own behavior has an unwanted impact on the neightborhood, very than for a group of individuals who, for every among the you comprehend, tend to be doing their ideal to redeem themselves. You claim not to feel prejudiced, however you sweep all sex offenders into one dustbin. Rather of pontificating concerning the "issue" of just where sex offenders tend to feel targeted, the cause why no little research directly into whether or perhaps not which focus correleates to actual offenses? The actual fact is, it will not, of the DOC will tv show you. Perhaps, though, might possibly prefer have them are really living in other places, and as then enter directly into the community to re-offend. (The quick percentage which does, and that is.) C'mon, John. Have a being.

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Johnny Northside! said...

Yes, and I knew it was a spammer but here's the problem. The guy was actually commenting in a substantive way on the issues, albeit in English so broken that I wanted to publish it just for mockery purposes. And, more ballsy yet, he was actually being CRITICAL of me.

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The hell of it is that if I could just generate some AD REVENUE, I wouldn't mind putting up ads for WHATEVER.

Anonymous said...

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