Monday, October 1, 2012

He's In, He's Out, He's In, HE IS OUT AGAIN!!! Judge Mel Dickstein Drops Jerry Moore From Lawsuit Over Mortgage Fraud At 1564 Hillside Ave. N. (Reportedly) For Reason Of Inadequate Legal Service...

Photo by John Hoff, Jerry Moore at the tumultuous JACC board meeting which ultimately resulted in his termination after a physical altercation, blog post by John Hoff

A couple nights I spoke to Melony Michaels and John Foster (the real John Foster, not the crackhead Kingrussell who has been known, for purposes of mortgage fraud, to impersonate Foster) and I heard some details about the tough sledding Melony and John are enduring in the civil suit that spun out of the mortgage fraud involving 1564 Hillside Ave. N. and one other address.

Former JACC executive director Jerry Moore, whose history as a defendant in the civil suit might be described as "overly complicated," has been dropped by reason of no proper legal service. Judge Mel Dickstein apparently didn't buy any argument by the plaintiff that Moore was evading service. (I plan to publish the document with those arguments in the future) Appraiser Robert Anderson has been dropped from the lawsuit as well just as though there's nothing wrong with doing an inflated appraisal of your own house right before a deal that turns out to be utterly fraudulent. Anderson's position in court about this matter could be described as "bizarrely self-righteous."

At this point...

...a key issue in the lawsuit appears to be whether Janie Coates was an "agent" of First USA Title. Coates has been a minor player in this drama but now her role looms large for purposes of determining who has liability.

Janie Coates is a resident of Minnesota (apparently the 55411 zip code, judging by what can be accessed in the online court record) who owned and worked for New Beginnings Closing services and worked for First USA Title at relevant times. Coates doesn't have an attorney and neither does the smoking wreckage of New Beginnings.

Of course, First USA Title is a "deep pocket" with insurance.

For purposes of Melony Michaels and John Foster ultimately getting compensated for their many damages, even bad bounces in court may not matter in the big picture. There is a crime victim's compensation fund for victims of this kind of fraud. Numerous companies involved in the real estate biz all reportedly pay into the fund. However, Michaels and Foster must exhaust their other avenues (a civil suit) and right now they are in the "exhausting" phase. And, besides, bad actors need to be held civilly responsible.

But this "exhausting" phrase is also the "infuriating" phase. Michaels has a reputation as a relentless spitfire, a self-trained sleuth whose attention may be on her own case but whose area of concern is broader. How dare "little fish" get away with participation in mortgage fraud just by virtue of being little fish? 

To a significant degree, Michaels is also unhappy with her previous attorney who (Michaels feels) neglected and botched aspects of the case. Michaels is promising to forward numerous documents in the future and bust loose with a torrent of information she has withheld for tactical reasons while the lawsuit was moving forward...

Or, while it was in the hands of her previous attorney, NOT moving forward.

Behind the scenes, the word "malpractice" has been freely tossed around like ketchup packets at a McDonalds drive through window.

Stay tuned to Johnny Northside Dot Com for exclusive details of this bloody, epic mess. 


Anonymous said...

Jill Clark must be doing something right, she got this case dismissed for Jerry.

Johnny Northside! said...

If Jill Clark bothers to show up at her October 17 hearing, we can hear all about what she's doing right.