Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Details From The Criminal Complaint In "Boxcutter Brutality" Incident...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

I have a copy of the criminal complaint against Anthony John Ellis, who allegedly carved up a guy's face for jumping in when Anthony was accosting a female in the parking lot outside T Shoppe Bar, allegedly. Click here for the criminal complaint.

The Pioneer Press story says "the attack happened at a bar" but it's more accurate to say the attack happened out in the parking lot of the bar, though the confrontation between the two men...

...actually did start in the bar. According to the complaint, the victim ("JCO") is an acquaintance of Anthony John Ellis. On the day in question, JCO was in the bar with Ellis and Ellis was reportedly "harassing" a female in the bar. Later, JCO saw Ellis "accosting" the same female in the parking lot, and then actually punch the female. JCO stepped between the two and, for such efforts, got his face and hands slashed up with a box cutter.

The victim has "multiple slash wounds to his face" including one that runs from the bridge of his nose, down the side of his nose, down his cheek, and ends in the jawline. Another wound split his upper and lower lips. Another slash was on his forehead. Each of these wounds required "dozens" of stitches. There were also slash wounds to the right hand and right thumb. Tendons in the hand have been damaged and the prognosis for full recovery is unknown. Facial disfigurement is a certainty.

When officers located the defendant, he allegedly admitted to being intoxicated at the time and fuzzy on the details but, oh yes, he remembered pulling a knife on the victim and slashing him.

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