Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Criminal Complaints Against Ike NMN Wilson, Accused In "Janky Gun" Homicide...

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I recently obtained a copy of two criminal complaints against Ike NMN Wilson, who is accused of accidentally shooting Jason Youngmark at a backyard barbeque. Click here for your very own copy of the complaint regarding the shooting. More in a bit about the criminal complaint concerning the alleged robbery incident.

Were They Serving Weenies? 

In regard to the "backyard barbeque shooting," Wilson is a sex offender and shouldn't have been allowed to TOUCH a weapon but, well, he was touching it...

The criminal complaint adds some details not included in the Star Tribune story or the "Johnny Northside colorful retelling" of the STrib story. 

For example, the shooting happened at 2635 Emerson Ave. N. Previously, I did not have this address in reference to this incident. In one instance when I published the Hennepin County Jail Roster, the address came back as the reported residence of one Jamal Terrell Collins. He has an extensive criminal record. His name came up in a discussion on this blog post, click here.

According to city records, the address in question is a rental owned by Edward J. and Ellen Botsio of 6041 68th Way, Brooklyn Park. On April 29 of last year, the city entered the property for lack of maintenance.

From Janky To Deadly

Other details in the complaint include the an account of how, after the shooting, the victim's father started receiving phone calls from "Big O" and "Little O" explaining how the shooting was an accident. The father asked to speak to the shooter, who was known as "Mook." So after a while "Mook" spoke to the father by telephone, crying, and claimed his real name was "Arthur Wilson." Well, of course, it wasn't "Arthur" but if Ike NMN Wilson ever gets hard up for an actual middle name, that might be a good one.

Around this same time, police were receiving tips the actual shooter was Ike NMN Wilson, DOB 2/6/83. A witness came forward and gave an account of the shooting. Then another witness was found who could be identified as one of the people who had called Jason Youngmark's father. Interestingly, it was reported Wilson had the ability to fix the "janky" handgun. Where, one might wonder, are sex offenders learning gun smithing skills?

According to the criminal complaint, Wilson was "repeatedly pulling the trigger" but the gun just wasn't firing. And then it "went off." Wilson now faces charges of manslaughter and being a prohibited person in possession of a gun.

Living The Criminal Dream

WHAT DID IKE WILSON WANT A GUN FOR? The answer might be found in a recently filed criminal complaint, click here, describing a robbery in Brooklyn Center on the 5300 block of Humboldt Ave. N. Police were dispatched there on a report of "shots fired." On the scene, they spoke to a female victim who reported she drove to the area to visit a friend. As she parked, she was approached by two black males who had just exited a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

One of the black males (later alleged to be Ike Wilson) put a gun to the woman's head and demanded she call her friend and tell him to unlock his residence. The woman complied because, in the dry language of the criminal complaint, she "feared immediate bodily harm." As the defendant moved toward "Victim 2's" residence, the woman broke free and ran.

When Victim 2 unlocked his door, he was confronted by the person later alleged to be Ike Wilson, who was desperately in need of a middle name and figured the victim had one. (OK, that last part I just threw in there for fun) There was a struggle and the victim managed to turn the tables, throwing the would be robber into a glass window and then running. The robber fired several shots at the victim. Officers searching the area found "several" 9 mm rounds and one live round. In regard to the live round, Johnny Northside asks, "What's up with THAT? Is the second gun janky, as well? I think we have an MO, here."

Officers found the Monte Carlo and, gee, there was Ike Wilson inside with his cut hand. Officers also found blood smears on the victim's clothing. Testing is pending. Both victims made positive identification of Ike Wilson.

It would appear Ike Wilson is going down for a long time over this. 


Anonymous said...

Hello "Johnny Northside",

Your comments about Ike Wilson Jr. disgust me and karma is a "mutha you know what". If you have never met him, do not know him, or have not walked in his shoes throughout the course of his life then you have no plausible purpose in criticizing or judging him as a human being. Every person is an individual who has different life experiences and life lessons that mold their character, thoughts, and actions. This person has had a completely different life than what you come from therefore you do not understand his thinking or actions as a man. Every person is born without any understanding of the world we all live in, it is their experiences and what they are taught that shapes who they become, without their own free will. These conditions, or a poor quality of life, forced some young black males to fall victim of this kind of lifestyle whether they are aware of it or not. May God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

What kind of fool leaves a post like this? Ike comes from a "completely different life" and therefore we should judge him differently than the rest of us?? The fact that he is a sexual predator who has killed one person, put a gun to another's head and then shot at somebody else pretty much eleminates any sympathy for this pig!

Maybe the Karma you will get is if Ike (or one of his buddies) decide to turn on you (or someone in your family) and do something horrible and then, maybe, you will see that there is true evil in this world and you need to be smart enough to see it or sense it and not just dismiss it.

You could use your absurd argument about people not having an understanding of the world they live in and make the same excuses from everyone from Hitler-to-Jim Jones.

May God Bless you (and protect you because you are "scary" dumb!).