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"Bitch, I Will Kill You And Your Family And Everyone Up In Here! Everyone Is Going To Be Shot In Here!" He Said, Allegedly, And Smashed Virtually Every Breakable Object In The Place...

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Tiron Patrick Beane, DOB 12/14/85, is charged with two counts of felony first degree burglary but only because there is no such crime as "felony berserk rampage."

SHOULD there be? Read these facts and judge for yourself. Click here for the criminal complaint if you only want the official version...

On April 13, Beane was drunk and also high on cocaine. This is not a good combination, being hyped up from the coke and also having your inhibitions and judgment loosened by the alcohol. What could make things worse? A gun. Beane reportedly had one of those, too, though officers couldn't find it in the wreckage.

Normally, with these criminal complaints, you have different witnesses who all caught part of the event but their stories mesh together nicely. They're perceiving the same thing. But in the case of the Berserk Beane Rampage, it was an event of such complex violence, such stunning duration, with so many statements yelled threatening harm and chaos upon the world, that witnesses are all recalling different aspects of the event. They can scarcely take in all the details, let alone relate them.

 Officers arrived at 5:23 am to 3307 53rd Ave. N. in Brooklyn Center on a report of domestic assault with a gun. Who knows how long it took officers to arrive, but it was still happening when they did. They could hear "screaming and loud crashes" coming from Apartment 202. Officers kicked down the door and a female, SW, ran out and said her daughter was being assaulted by the daughter's boyfriend, Beane.

Officers arrested Beane and found the daughter, FE, bleeding heavily. They found FE's 14-month female child.

Trying to find out what happened, officers first spoke to SW, the woman who ran out the door when they kicked it in. SW said at about 4:30 her daughter, FE and Beane came home and went into FE's bedroom. There was loud yelling and then things became physical, spilling into the kitchen. Beane grabbed FE by the hair, punching her in the face and body several times.

"Bitch," he said, "I will kill you and your family and everyone up in here. Everyone is going to be shot in here."

Though using the constrained language of a criminal complaint, there is still a tone of incredulity in this sentence: During the assault, Defendant (Beane) smashed virtually all of the objects in the house, including two TV's, various electronic items, an entertainment center, and two tables. The infant was present the whole time. SW intervened by grabbing Beane by the neck, allowing FE to escape over to the neighbor's apartment, 204.

Beane broke into apartment 204, but by the time police arrived was back at 202, where he "continued assaulting FE until police arrived."

A male whose initials are LL had been sleeping in apartment 202 when the assault began. He saw Beane hitting FE in the face "like a boxer." He saw Beane throw a table across the room at FE and her child.

What about that period of time when Beane was in apartment 204? There were two witnesses in the apartment called KB and JS who provided accounts. KB is a female who has an infant daughter by JS but they are not married. They live together in apartment 204. FE came to the door and KB answered. FE had a bloody nose and was asking for help and the use of the phone. KB let FE inside and closed the door behind her. Defendant busted down the door and "entered the apartment without her permission," which is the case 99 point 9 percent of the time when somebody is busting down a door.

Thus we see why there are two burglary charges, one for each apartment.

Not bothering with so much as "Howdy do, I am Patrick Beane, pardon the intrusion but I have an assault to continue" he went straight for FE, got on top of her, and punched her "four or five times." At this point the man of the house (or at least the apartment) whose initials are J.S. started to wrestle with Beane.

The complaint says, "Defendant then wrestled with JS until he pulled out a black pistol."

WHO pulled out the pistol? If you are an English major, you know JS is a proper noun and therefore the next pronoun, he, should relate back to JS. But the criminal complaint must MEAN Patrick Beane, not JS. This is obvious when the next sentence says the female, KB, watched Beane load "three bullets" into the gun.

I have been known to send emails to the prosecutor's office and mention these things. Is it helping? I don't think so.

With the gun partially loaded, Beane threatened to shoot JS.

According to JS, after wrestling with Beane there came a point where Beane ordered JS to back off. Beane reached into his pocket, produced a gun, and hollered "Everyone die or get out." JS grabbed the infant daughter and ran out of the apartment with KB.

Officers saw the door to Apartment 204 was damaged consistent with being kicked in, but could not locate Beane's gun. The officers next went to North Memorial Hospital to speak to FE and obtain her testimony.

FE said Beane was drunk and high on cocaine. He punched, kicked and kneed her. He smashed a coffee mug on her head and threw her onto the kitchen table. What was the madman going to do, I wonder, EAT HER? But FE managed to escape and ran to the apartment next door. Beane got inside the apartment and began kicking her and punching her in the face. He ripped the bar off a towel rack and beat her with the bar.

FE ran back into her apartment and held her daughter in her hands, but Beane didn't care she was holding the daughter. He beat her some more. That was when the police showed up. Beane told FE, "Don't move or I'll kill you all if you do anything!"

Officers found blood on Beane's shoes and seized the shoes as evidence. He has already been convicted of at least two domestic violence incidents, and a laundry list of other charges.

Beane's address is listed as 1707 Queen Ave. N. 

It is a house, non-rental, owned by Mesias Pena. 

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