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"Prominent Person" Shirlynn LaChapelle Was Arrested And In Jail For Alleged Assault, Other Details Are Spotty...

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This is what I know, and it's spotty. But sometimes when a prominent person is involved, or MAY be involved, a journalist goes with what he's got and breaks the story.

On September 26, as this blog does approximately once a month, I published the Hennepin County jail roster to capture that data like pretty flowers pressed between the pages of thick and heavy books, to preserve the data for posterity.

This morning, an anonymous commenter pointed out that Shirlynn LaChapelle was on the roster and asserted the arrest was for assault. (There should be an "alleged") in there.

I checked to verify the name was on the roster before publishing the anonymous comment...

8/29/2012.21:10 2012026403 LACHAPELLE, SHIRLYNN.NMN 9/18/1951 9654 HARBOR LANE N, MAPLE GROVE, MN 55369 9/20/2012.23:53 2012026357

 Yup, there it was. After I published the comment, in my own comment I pointed out that I didn't know WHAT the arrest was for, and asked for more information.

This might have been the end of it. After all, what do I care if...

...some random name was arrested for whatever? So somebody was Googling a name and got a hit on my roster. That's why I publish the roster. If somebody wants to comment upon an arrests and add more (alleged) info to the public discourse, hey, once again that's why I publish the roster. But none of this means anybody has achieved the coveted status of "Johnny actually gives a damn and has become curious."

In the past hour, I was looking over the Facebook page of The Neighborhood Hub because the last I heard Jerry Moore worked there, and as of today Jerry Moore owes me $3,799.69. I would sure like to get my 69 cents, for starters, so I'm researching the matter.

What a weird and wonderful universe we live in. This item was on the Facebook page of the Neighborhood Hub.

Health disparity focus group in progress. Thanks to our very committed Advisory Board member and President of the Minnesota Black Nurses Association Shirlynn LaChapelle! Especially for bringing some levity to such a serious topic...laughs emanating from the hall.
12Like ·  · 

Wait a second, I thought to myself, DIDN'T I SEE THAT NAME ONCE BEFORE TODAY? I checked back in the comments posted to my jail roster and sure enough, name's the same.

I started doing Google searches for Shirlynn LaChapelle.

Oh, my.

Is this the same person? She is mentioned in some coverage as a candidate for school board back in 2010. Her "Linked In" profile lists her as a Realtor and sitting on important boards and committees. But the pressing question continued to be...

Same person? Or an instance of "name is the same"?

The answer appears to be in her birthday. The roster lists her birthday as 9/18/1951. On Facebook, Shirlynn LaChappelle doesn't say the year she was born, but does list her birthday as September 18.

Basic Info

So this appears to be the same person.

And, by the way, Jail Base Dot Com captured info showing the arrest was, indeed, for an alleged assault. It's unknown if actual charges resulted. I am working on that.

No other criminal history--not even a speeding ticket--have I managed to turn up for Shirlynn LaChapelle, who is originally from Chicago.

So the question is...what on earth happened here? Actually? Allegedly?

What happened? 

Individuals are Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
for Assault

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Johnny Northside! said...

I have a copy of the criminal complaint and I am writing it up now. Stay tuned.