Monday, October 1, 2012

"Butt Glass" Outbreak, Once Thought To Be Eliminated, Appears At 2318 4th St. N.

Photo contributed by Jeff Skrenes (The Hawthorne Hawkman of North By Northside) blog post by John Hoff blogging from Dallas, TX

These days, seldom is heard a discouraging word about "butt glass" from this blogger because a certain West Broadway merchant fixed up the front of their store so nice I have nothing but good things to say about THAT. But if cloudy, cheapo "butt glass" wasn't OK for a business in North Minneapolis, why should it be OK on a home?

Jeff Skrenes sent me some photos of  2318 4th St. N. which is, of course, a duplex and therefore ALSO 2316 4th St. North. As you can see, tacky "stick on" letters designate the address. Hey, at least they didn't use Sharpie Marker like slumlord Keith Reitman. This is not to assert that Reitman uses name brand, high-quality Sharpie Marker and not some knock-off brand.

Here are some photos of the windows, which caused this property to be nominated as "Jacked Up Property of the Week," a term being thrown around quite a bit since Northsider Daniel Field coined it on the North Talk Facebook page. Truthfully...

If we only had a public discussion about one jacked up property once a week, we'd never get anywhere. We need to be talking about at least a couple jacked up properties every day to make any revitalization progress in our neighborhood. Anyway, here's some photos of the butt glass at 2318 4th St. N., so-called because it's "butt ugly."

The house in question, a rental, appears to be owned by a Jeremy Larson. The two taxpayers are listed as the aforementioned Jeremy Larson and Samuel V. Sundberg of 4684 Rolling Oaks Drive, Granite Bay, California. This property is currently valued on the tax rolls at $128,000 (land included) which sounds like a respectable sum, but in May of 2003 it sold for a whopping $345,000.

Will home owners in North Minneapolis see values like that again? I think we will, but of part of the process of protecting and increasing our own equity is to demand fixes and, sometimes, to call out the really unsightly and jacked up stuff.

Congrats, Larson and Sundberg. You just got the North Minneapolis "jacked up property" prize; which is an article on the blogosphere about your property, pictures and all. 


Anonymous said...

Taking Daniel Field's idea and using it on your blog is pretty uncreative. Guess you can't let someone else become the "dominant blogger" and knock you off your pedestal.

Anonymous said...

If only you owned a place that looked that nice, eh, John?

Johnny Northside! said...

Anybody can compare my place to this place and see my place is nicer, albeit not a big duplex. Even my address numbers are better. Sticky letters on the outside reveal much about what is on the inside.

Anonymous said...

But aks tha police!

Those numbers are easy to read when they are responding!

Anonymous said...

But aks tha popo.

Those numbers are easy to red when responding to a call.

Tha bigga tha mo betta!

Anonymous said...

de whole point is dat it be bullit proof an de man be a fool we all be jakey