Monday, October 22, 2012

JNS BLOG EDITORIAL: New City Policies Needed To Stop Out-Of-Control Pit Bull Puppy Breeding...

No source stated for photo, blog post by John Hoff

The dark, low quality photo above isn't normally what I would use for this blog but there is a story behind it. This photo documents a sign hanging on a chain link fence in front of a house in North Minneapolis. The sign says PIT BULL PUPPIES FOR SALE.

This is the only time I've heard about a sign like this. Most times, when poorly bred and badly raised pit bull puppies are sold to anybody with cash in their hand you don't see a sign. You don't even find an advertisement on Craigslist. Word just flows along the "thug communication wire."

So let us suppose you are a neighbor and you can plainly see...

...the house next to you has half a dozen pit bull puppies frolicking in the yard at the muddy feet of a tired, worn out pit bull bitch with low-hanging tits and a look of world weariness on her furry face? Who are you going to call about an OBVIOUS unlicensed breeding operation?

Animal control? 311?

If you do, you will be asked what evidence exists the dogs are being SOLD. And if you don't have evidence your report will go nowhere.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, there is no evidence except the circumstantial evidence of litter after litter appearing, year after year, and cars coming to the door until all the little pit bulls disappear. Are the breeders GIVING them away? Doubtful, unless it's to settle some kind of vague debt incurred in the course of life on the streets.

Here is a pit bull puppy. I'm grateful you didn't give up my name when cops found you with that pistol. Obviously, not snitching is what a "G" should do but I want to show you love, so pick a puppy, bro, pick any one you like.  

But, oh my word, LOOK!!! It's a sign on a chain link fence advertising pit bull puppies. Maybe I shouldn't have published this photo because it's the rare exception, not the norm, and I wouldn't want some city council member who resides in cake-eater happy land wondering aloud, "But don't they advertise by putting up signs? Is a new policy really needed?"


Are decent, law-abiding people supposed to knock on the doors of these pit bull breeding thugs and ask, "Excuse me, are those puppies FOR SALE? And would you mind talking into my video camera?" Even the police don't like knocking on the doors of houses where there are pit bulls, so what of unarmed citizens?

What specific policy is needed is not something I can articulate right now. Blog commenters may have some good ideas. I may get some input and write a follow up editorial. However, something needs to be done to stop the furry tidal wave.

As for the house pictured above, it was reported to 311 this morning.


Anonymous said...

Spanky Pete or prostitutes putting up the 618-208-Sell signs?

"asking if this company employs convicted sex offenders and prostitutes to post their illegal signs. It’s possible. Someone with a history of ignoring the law must be doing it. Is Spanky Pete really Vice President for Community Outreach with 612-208-Sell?"

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your dog get pregnant having puppies, and selling them. My neighbor has a cocker and she does it all the time.
Nothing the city can do about it. So dream on with another of your nonsense campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25, there's a big difference between breeding AKC licensed dogs in a humane environment and puppy milling purposefully to produce ill-tempered dogs for the sole purpose of soothing the fragile male ego. If you and your 'friend' can't make that distinction, perhaps she is part of Minnesota's infamous puppy mill problem.

Anonymous said...

Really who cares!it don't hurt me none" ... it should be no concern to any one..people should just live their life's..all this big brother stuff gets real old real quick"it's bad for me in the burbs where people always wanna know my personal I live in a apartment where every ones in your shit! hinting me to stay out of trob.. Ive lived their since late May and never caused any trob..people are so dam uptight where I live and to me very insecure..cant really trust any one it seems..then on top of that got people telling my company to not park in my parking spot lol!! I have only a few friends that show up! any ways" im not up to any thing shady! these people are fucking nuts!!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ troll comment alert troll comment alert^^^^

Anon125pm is a troll comment. Just the same old malcontent who doesn't want this blog to have any public influence.

The problem is there are too many dogs period, but specifically pit bulls in north mpls. They are poorly bred, often times inbred, not trained, not cared for and often times end up unwanted.

It makes no sense to allow unregulated breeding of any breeds, but especially pit bulls.

So the fact that my neighbor can just spit out litter after litter after litter of pit bull puppies and there is nothing MACC can do about it doesn't make any sense.

Therefore the city council needs to consider some ordinances on breeding.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn it Anon 11:32, what the heck is wrong with you people? All we hear from North after a shooting--or a dog mauling--is how nobody cares for North's kids, nobody's willing to step up, on and on. But when people try to be proactive and stop stupid shit like illegally breeding dangerous animals, it's all 'mind your business, stop snitching, let him RIP, nobody's perfect'. It's the same song over and over! You can't have it both ways!

Anonymous said...

What do you care JNS, you don't even live in NoMi anymore. You just swing thru to get your rent money and mail.
Called your neighbor and they say you ain't been around. Guess living in Alexandria is better than NoMi.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Ooooo Ya - "not caused any trouble since May", people don't trust me, I only have a few friends, everyone wants to know my personal stuff, everybody else is Fucking Nuts.

These are the kinds of people we want breeding dangerous Pit Bulls!

Anonymous said...

O.k." listen hear October 23 2012 2:55 PM what does breeding puppies have to do with North Sides kids?Help me understand that one so,im not the asshole here..besides I was trying to make a point, I was in a hurry and did not get my point fully across..What I really want to get at , is that theirs bigger fish to fry such as the pedo,s that live in that fucking part of town who are still up to their old tricks"prying on the North kids...and what about the ghetto trash wee be mofo wanna be thugs that"s making peoples life a living hell?!or the heroine that's coming in the north side..or is that not a real problem.. and we have to worry about stupid pit bull puppies who me that's petty bull shit small fry bull shit!! I mean that's how I see it" oh and lets look at the shitty parents and the shitty school system..but I get your point I could see why that could drive a person to a point..I mean do you live by these things?! I also used to live over their! any ways gotta go!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh - my "**LIKE**" comment was supposed to point to 2:55pm!!!!!

Damn comments moderations!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:16, all these things are connected, even pit bulls and the well-being of North kids. Correct me if I'm wrong, but we have had kids in this area seriously mauled by pit bulls. It isn't just people trying to play Big Brother cause they have too much time on their hands. I bet all the concerned North residents would be happy to return to their own lives instead of feeling forced to monitor the behavior of those who can't self monitor their own.

We had a neighbor with pit bulls that were taken away by the City. Thankfully I never had a run-in with them, but others did. I grew up next-door to a German Shepard that pinned me against trees and bit my arm; pretty scary for an 11 year old and no, I don't think the possibility of that happening to a child here (or worse) is some petty bullshit as you call it.

You talk about worrying more about pedos and ghetto trash, yes I agree, and this is one way to deal with the ghetto trash. Ghetto trash will want a dog that is already neglected and abused because that makes it mean. After buying the puppy, ghetto trash will do their best with choke collars and abuse to make it meaner. We don't need that in our neighborhood. We don't need some poor kid walking down the street minding his or her own business getting their face ripped off because ole ghetto turned his pit bull into a monster.