Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Heroin Delivery At 2951 Morgan Ave. N., Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

They say the really good heroin comes from Afghanistan, but who knows where this stuff came from?

According to a criminal complaint filed recently in Hennepin County, click here to view it, Lavell Terrance Alexander was making a delivery of heroin to the rear alley at 2951 Morgan Ave. N. when police--tipped by a confidential reliable information (CRI)--intercepted Alexander and the drugs.

A field test was performed and it was...

...positive for heroin, some 2.6 grams. Alexander didn't go down without a struggle and tried to throw the baggies, but officers recovered the drugs. The address where the delivery was scheduled to take place in the rear alley is an LLC owned by "2951 Morgan LLC" while the taxes are paid by Mohammed Akran Malik who allegedly lives all scrunched up inside a PO Box in Columbia Heights.

As for Alexander, his reported address is 1451 Oliver Avenue North, an address which does not actually exist; but this time it's a mistake on a criminal complaint and not the jail roster, where I usually see mistakes like that. 


The Hawthorne Hawkman said...

According to the MN Secretary of State website, 2951 Morgan LLC has no registered agent listed, but has an office address of 3246 Colfax Ave N.

3246 Colfax is owned by a Damon J Nunn, although Riaz Shad is listed as the taxpayer. This looks like it could be a contract for deed situation. Am I correct in assuming the Columbia Heights PO Box is 21096? That's associated with the business AND at least one other Riaz Shad property.

Anonymous said...

there you and your also white buddy skrenes picking on my people again. i wish you white boys would check yo facts and quit trying to convict my people cuz there skin is darker and aint no other reason

Anonymous said...

There apparently are a number of newer entities with very minor variations of the PO Box 21096 address. Also note the revocation of a Mahmood Khan rental license. Apparently a property he once owned and was still managing. Free enterprise and chit!!!

"Revocation of Rlic at 2714 4TH STREET NORTH

City Council Regular Meeting 2.21.14 2. Rental Dwelling License (Mahmood Khan, 2714 4th St N): Approve recommendation to revoke license. Action Taken: Adopted. "

"2714 4thStN Minneapolis, MN
Owner 3238 Bryant Llc Mpls Mn 55430
Taxpayer Mahmood Khan
2972 Old Hwy 8 Roseville Mn 55113

Permit 3069544
Issued 01/27
Status Done
Value 30000.00
Applicant Mahmood Kamal Khan
Renewal N/A
Cleared 08/12/2011
Fees $573.20

Minnesota Business Name
3238 Bryant LLC

File Number

Filing Date

Registered Office Address
5037 Fremont Ave N
Minneapolis MN 55430

Registered Agent(s)
(Optional) None provided

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 21096
Minneapolis MN 55421

Property ID: 1211821230061
Property Address:5037FremontAveN Minneapolis, MN 55430
Owner:Riaz A Shad Mpls Mn 55430
Taxpayer:Riaz Shad
5037 Fremont Ave N Minneapolis Mn 55430

There are 2 companies that have an address matching 4319 Mcleod Str Ne Po Box 21096 Columbia Heights, MN 55421. The companies are 3239 Logan Ave LLC and 2523 Newton Ave LLC.

2801 Emerson LLC

PO Box 21096, Minneapolis, MN 55421-0096

PO Box 21096
Minneapolis, MN 55421
Companies Found at this Address

Global Village Trading
3239 Logan Ave LLC
2634 Emerson Ave LLC
3551 Irving LLC
2324 Logan LLC
2951 Morgan LLC
People Found at this Address

Riaz Shad

2634 Emerson Ave LLC
PO Box 21096, Minneapolis, MN 55421

Registered Office:
PO BOX 21096

Anonymous said...

Finding of facts, conclusions and recommendations concerning hearing into rental dwelling license held by Mahmood Khan AT 2714 4TH ST. N.