Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teaching The Next Crop Of Lawyers About The Blogosphere Trial Of The Century...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

So, after winning the Blogosphere Trial of the Century and getting media coverage all over the country, what's the next logical step?

Hit the rubber chicken circuit, of course. Give talks to law students, media scholars, and those interesting hybrids who are seeking a graduate degree in both. The first talk will be free and on me, of course; no honoraria, air fare or hotel rooms but after that first talk goes well one starts scrutinizing other venues.

Hawaii State University.

Columbia School of Journalism.

The world is my tortiously truthful oyster.

So yesterday...

...in Room 50 of Walter Mondale Hall at the University of Minnesota Law School, about 75 students attended a panel discussion on Moore v. Hoff. There was also free lunch. Hard to tell which was the real big draw but everybody seemed to have fun and become informed about the case.

Jill Clark was invited to attend but was indisposed fighting off a hallucination of a giant rubber chicken dressed in a black robe which wanted to eat her law license. That last sentence was parody but, well, I did mention to students they might want to attend her October 17 hearing to witness the greatest lawyer freakout since Al Pacino's speech in "And Justice For All."

Also present on the panel was my own attorney, Paul Godfread, John Borger who wrote an amicus brief in the case, and a friendly professor who explained the arcane workings of tortious interference with contract and prospective business advantage. I didn't write down his name but the guy was totally cool.

One memorable moment included John Borger playing off one of my lines and saying the first time he saw the case he thought, "WTF?" (With careful lawyerly decorum, he said the letters and not the words they stand for, as I did when talking about the headline in the oh-so-controversial article in question, click here)

For the event I wore a t-shirt I had made (with the cost covered by a supporter of this blog) with the "tortiously truthful sentence" emblazoned on the front, white letters on black shirt.

Repeated and specific evidence in Hennepin County District Court shows Jerry Moore was involved with a high-profile fraudulent mortgage at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.

The whole time I was expecting "shakedown blogger" Don Allen to show up and try to get in his two cents, but there was no sign of Allen or any of the crazies who hate this blog so much they flit around it all day long like moths drawn to flame. I relished the opportunity to mention Don Allen is the kind of person who would sell his mother for the fillings in her teeth.

Being this blog is devoted to telling the truth and getting it right, and going back to correct those times when I make an error, I would like to correct a false statement I made about Jill Clark in front of 75 law students and at least three licensed attorneys.

I said this blog was writing about "the madness of Jill Clark" and was up to Part Thirty-Seven. That is not correct. I am actually up to Part Thirty-Eight.

Johnny Northside Dot Com regrets the error. 


Anonymous said...

Hint....LaChapelle (sp), Find out what happened to the Black museum over in south Minneapolis. Why they've cancelled three grand opening? LaChapelle and Roxanne Givens spending too much money (taxpayer) in Las Vegas. That's why the place is closed today.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I read articles like the one below in the StarTribune it makes me proud to see that there are decent honest people in our world, people like Officer Mark Grundhauser who has given of himself in so many ways.


Then I read this blog and am reminded of you, John Hoff, a parasite who thrives off the misery of others, someone who enjoys humiliating people, someone who lives just to make his enemies miserable.
You never see the harm that you cause, only how you can profit from it.

By the way - Defamation.com is for sale $80,000.

Anonymous said...

9/10/12 @12:46 A.M. can change the channel if they do not like the show. Do not rely on our local newspaper to tell you the whole story nor the truth. Freedom of choice is why i love America.
Sincerely, Phil McCracken.