Saturday, October 27, 2012

More On 2655 Newton Ave. N., Scene Of Tonight's Nonfatal Shooting...

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blog post by John Hoff

Digging more deeply into the address of tonight's non-fatal shooting, an individual named Rodney Pope is associated with the house in question. Pope has the same surname as the home's listed owner, Sherry Pope.

There is only one Rodney Pope whose name comes up in the statewide MNCIS system, and he just HAPPENS to live in the 55411 zip code. Coincidence? I doubt it...

Rodeney Lee Pope's convictions include a 2002 stretch of incarceration for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm, for which he did 36 months in prison with credit for 58 days already served. In 1988 he did 21 months for 2nd Degree Assault.

The "historical jailhouse preservation efforts" of this blog have paid off (for this blog) by associating another name with the house. Shante Nashaunta Smith reported the house as his address when he was jailed and I published the roster from AFGHANISTAN.

All Mr. Smith has, however, is a ridiculous number of traffic charges and one assault charge. He was convicted and served two years supervised probation.

The house in question was, at one time, owned by the Heydenaber family (William, Emmy and Emily) where they show up in the 1940 census; this information was listed on

Bring back the Heydenabers, I say. 

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